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 4 simple tips in beginner slots

Pay attention to the percentage of payments

Each slot in online casinos has a certain percentage of payments, and it is usually higher than in real casino slot machines, which attracts many online casinos.

Let's not go into mathematical calculations, just note that the higher the percentage of payoff - the more chances to win, because this figure indicates what percentage of the total amount of the slot machine gives players.

Producers of slots often do not hide this information and if you ask you can find whole payout tables, in the section of slots and bets. For example, slots NetEnt official data give 95-98%, Playtech on information in the network - 92-98%, MicroGaming - 88-98%, with each slot in its own way. Last year the most "giving" machine NetEnt was considered Blood Suckers, in MicroGaming - Megaspin Break da Bank, and in Playtech - A Night Out. All have a 98% payout percentage.



Manage a bankroll.

Like in poker, in slots you have to handle the money properly. You should have your own bankroll management, which will allow you to put a certain balance into the game. It must be determined in advance, regardless of the result of the game, because any winnings, like loss, can intoxicate the mind and then, in a joyful euphoria or with the desire to play back can lose everything.

Golden rule: determine your budget for the game (or for the day), and under no circumstances do not go beyond it. Indicate how much money you are willing to lose and how much you can win, after which you can finish the game on that day.

When you are lucky enough to stop hard. Just like when you lose money. If you lose to the line marked - leave the casino, rest, distraction. Do not sit down to play back. Yes, sometimes you can do it, but in the long run, "it's not worth it."

Get some extra bonuses

Before you start playing in a casino, it is worth exploring the market offers, so firstly, do not miss the bonus for registration or first deposit, and secondly, choose the most suitable institution for you. But, so that you do not get cheated - play only in licensed casinos.

At the casino, just like at poker rooms, you can get cashback for playing, bonuses, free backs and many other gifts and privileges by entering a promo code or fulfilling certain conditions. This will help you earn more. Often, bonuses are actively distributed to casinos in poker rooms.

Explore online casinos

In addition to the availability of bonuses when choosing a casino, pay attention to the available methods of withdrawal and additional conditions of cacheout, so that if you win, you do not find yourself in an unpleasant situation, learning that you can withdraw without wagering only a certain percentage of the deposit or that no payment system is suitable for you.

To check the software, the quality of the game and the format of new slots for you can try the free game (for conditional chips). It is offered in almost all casinos.

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