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Real-User Monitoring

Presented by Senior Systems Engineer Evan Daniels

What is Constellix?

Constellix is a Revolutionary Cloud-based

Traffic Management Suite



Real-User Monitoring

Traditional Monitoring

Monitors from the point of view of a data center. 

Also known as synthetic monitoring.

Not an actual person / user.

The Sonar Difference

  • You need to monitor every aspect of your network to really get the whole picture
  • See where you should be investing your resources

Real-User Monitoring

Sonar RUM

Monitors from a user's browser

Captures unique end-user metrics:

  • Page load times
  • CDN Speeds
  • ISP
  • Content
  • Device
  • Browser
  • Connection provided

Country: United States of America

DNS Lookup: 





Page View:



73.97 ms

63.65 ms

79.22 ms

16.35 ms

7092.68 ms


Cable/DSL: 105

Cellular: 5 

Corporate: 6

Real-User Monitoring

The Sonar Difference

Advanced GeoIP Analytics

ASN Paths

  • Broadband 
  • Cellular
  • Enterprise Connection

Captures from the vantage point

of actual users

View connection type:

Privacy Concerns

We collect only performance related data.

Our beacon runs over HTTPS and any data sent to it is encrypted.

We use MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) recommended performance timing API's that are openly documented and available for review.

We also use MDN supported send beacon API’s to make sure there are no impacts to page performance.

The Big Picture

Increased ROI

Better User Engagement

Personalized Approach to Troubleshooting

Mobile Optimization

Increase ROI

"A 2-second delay in load time during a transaction results in abandonment rates of up to 87%."  Source:

Even if you're not an ecommerce business, you could be losing valuable site traffic.

Applicable to every industry, whether you serve ads or just educational content. You will lose traffic. 

If you're having a publicly facing site, then you need your content to be immediately available or risk abandonment for poor site performance.

Better User Engagement

"Every additional second added on to your load time results in a 7% loss in conversions."  Source:​

But these are not one-and-done solutions. You need a solution like Sonar RUM to properly monitor and manage all of these services to ensure every single one of your clients is receiving optimal connectivity.

Performance optimization has become even more crucial.  Cloud hosted solutions like:  

  • CDNs
  • Cloud DNS Solutions
  • Cloud-based web hosting

Personalized Troubleshooting

Traditional network troubleshooting was usually limited to optimizing regional or local end-user connectivity.  This meant you could only see information like network connection, and maybe what browser customers were using.

Exclusive to Sonar RUM, view end-user metrics like:


Sonar RUM eliminates the middleman and gives you a direct line of sight to your end-users' behavior.

  • Connection provider: wired, Wi-Fi or cellular
  • Verify efficiency of third party services: CDN, third party software/plugins, internet connection, ISP, etc.

Mobile Optimization

"64% of smartphone users expect pages to load in less than 4 seconds. Source:

In 2014, mobile browsing passed desktop usage.  These number are continuing to grow with the strongest emphasis being on multi-platform browsing.

It is now essential to have a mobile-ready site.  Even major search engines like Google are beginning to penalize sites for not being responsive.

You can use Sonar RUM to find out how much of your site traffic is using their phone or tablet, and determine whether you're ready to make the switch to responsive web design.

Real-User Monitoring

How to Set Up RUM

For the full tutorial visit:


Coming Soon

Will be integrating Sonar with Constellix DNS to help make quick changes to your network configurations based on the analytics from RUM.

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