Engaging in and bringing in new developers to your Community

WikiToLearn India Conference

18-19 Jan 2016


Tony Thomas, 01tonythomas[at]gmail[dot]com

I'm in deep trouble

** things got real

wrong audience for the talk

super cold and welcoming Jaipur

almost all I wanted to talk, others covered

almost spammed a lot of you with my usual things

very nice food, after long time

I'm gonna change my topics a bit here and there \m/

Caution: All slides from now assumes that University stduents might be interested in doing GSoC after healthy community engagements. 

so today..

my quick open source story - boring, showoff

how to start with any org ?

basic requirements ? - long told, ORLY ?

the GSoC & Outreachy thingy

preparing your proposal, what exactly is this thing ? - might be interesting (?)

my new idea - how would you like it ? - superficial, drama, optmism 

by the end, you will be like..

my Open Source story ?

2014 - GSoC student with Wikimedia Foundation, first patch in 2013 sept. 

2015-16 GSoc Mentor

2016 - Outreachy + GSoC org admin

Masters at TU Berlin (ITA)

2016-17 intern with Igalia, Spain.

Develops web on Python, PHP, Angular etc

Had been to couple of conferences and hackathons here and there!

starting with any org?



pref ?


search in g.co/gsoc


your org ?

past selections, projects


join IRC, ML, bug tracker

find simple bugs

can't reproduce ? stuck ?

seek help

self help

fix, push, reviewed



No ?

try python ?

basic requirements?

yes, there are!

command over written English - write more Emails, make one local ML ?

understand basic version control - try.github.io ?

command in your favourite programming/scriptting language - this can be improved over time, too

skill to get help, etiquettes. etc 

have a great Github profile, and a technical blog

The GSoC & Outreachy thingy \m/


  1. University students 
  2. Have projects in all language 
  3. You need to start early 
  4. Mentors, Org admins
  5. 178 orgs
  6. next_round = March, 2017


  1. Open for non-males
  2. Rest = same as GSoC 
  3. Gnome Foundation
  4. Mentors, Org Admins
  5. org_count = 12
  6. University students can make it - finaly year project!
  • Stipend of 5500 USD (?) sent out in 3(?) intervals 
  • Wonderful technical mentors
  • Working in a technical community in a real time huge project! 

Preparing your proposal ?

GSoC, Outreachy


starting early, right projects  

right mentors

your proposal


& benefits






Life of a successful project

Start Early ?

Selective ?

If early ?


Know community

come up with your own ?


tough time

find project

find mentors



and once you complete your project 

deploy it, get into production, maintain it!

mentor for Google Code In

start a FOSS club in your Uni (maybe) ?

talk about your project in confs ?

and to the new idea part 

Caution: you are the wrong audience here!

participate in GSoC 

mentor for GCI

mentor for GSoC

new program

mentor for GCI

particiapte in GSoC

mentor for new prog ?


better projects, 

more mentors, 

sticking students 


thats it. Enough of todays disappoinment, lets talk code later today!

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