Web Programming


 Python-Django framework.

Malabar Hub Meet

09-07-2016 to 10-07-2016 (9 hours)

Tony Thomas, 01tonythomas@gmail.com

ATTN: Please fill out bit.ly/malabarpython

aargh. just another python workshop, again

we got only 9 hours here, will we be doing anything django ?

I'm not even from CSE, will I understand something ?

Your Worries!

Will I ever touch django here ?

We got only 9 hours :o 

Will I be able to give all the assignments ?



Will the WiFi, internet, and editors work, as expected ?

How many of them might've a programming background?

Statuary warning

  1. Alcohol/drug/smoke is injurious to your health, kills your brain. 

  2. cannabis/ganja/stash users - you are going to lose your memory soon :(

ശ്വാസകോശം സ്പോഞ്ജ്  പോലെയാണ്

About Me

(the showoff slide)

  • CSE undergraduate from Amrita University, Amritapuri Campus. Will be leaving for my masters, this October!
  • Active member of the FOSS community there - FOSS@Amrita! 
  • Was a GSoC 2014 student, built the BounceHandler extension, now deployed in production (~750 wikis)
  • Mentored GSoC 2015, 2016 with the Wikimedia Foundation
  • GSoC 2016 and Outreachy'12 organization administrator for Wikimedia Foundation. 
  • Had been invited to SFO, France, Italy, Israel for various hackathons and workshops by Wikimedia Foundation. 
  • I take workshops here and there, some on Python-Django, others on Mediawiki code development. 
  • Currently doing my web internship with Igalia, Spain. 

ഇതൊക്കെ കേൾക്കുമ്പോ , ഇങ്ങനെ ചിലപ്പോ തോന്നും ..

Lets start!

Warning: The next two days might go super fast, so be prepared!

The arrangement!

Day 1

Morning session

Evening session

  • Everyone in slack
  • Basics of python programming
  • File read and write
  • Assignment 1
  • Assingment 2
  • Basic intro to web, how it works with the help of a form
  • Even start our first django app ? 

No more slides

The arrangement!

Day 2

Morning session

Evening session

  • Continue things from Day1 
  • Implement sign in and sign-up! \m/ 
  • As per time allows, the rest

Lets start!

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