Santa wearing a mask, busy running show to give Christmas gifts

As noted, at many places providing Santa Claus service, the peak time of December 24 and 25, especially after 5:00 p.m. on December 24, the service price invites Santa Claus to give gifts and send instructions. detecting for children within 10-15 minutes up to 230,000 - 250,000 VND. Gifts are prepared by parents and brought Santa Claus at the top of the alley before entering the house.

In addition to coming home to give gifts to children, Santa Claus also goes to school to chat, cheer, and give gifts to preschool and primary children.

Accordingly, for a class of 20-30 students, Santa Claus only comes to give gifts and then comes home will receive a fee of 200,000 VND, in case he has to be cheerful, talk and give gifts to each child within 1 hour, the price service about 500,000 VND. This year, many units increased their service prices by about 10% over the previous year.

Currently, a number of restaurants, cafes, English centers ... also add Santa Claus in the service to greet guests, dance, give candy to children who are eating and playing at the restaurant. Right from the beginning of December, many guests also contacted to invite Santa Claus to give birthday gifts to the children.

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"This year there is an epidemic, but I wonder why the need to call Santa Claus to give gifts has doubled compared to the previous year", Ms. Huynh Ai Vy (in charge of receiving customers of company D.) said.

Coordinating more than 12 Santa Claus, Mr. Nguyen Truong An (28 years old) said that this round, the number of customers booked Santa Claus service is not only not reduced but expected to increase.

Notably, the majority of Santa Claus when giving gifts are equipped with careful measures to prevent epidemics. In addition to his signature red suit and white beard, Santa also wears a mask.

"This year the Santa Claus with me wear more masks, just give gifts and take pictures with them, not talk much, do not hug or be close to the babies as usual, to ensure the health of the baby and family. family, "said An.

Following Santa Claus Huynh Tuan Phat coming to give Christmas gifts to children:

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