The cat survived 12 minutes of spinning in the washing machine

Several weeks after the incident, Ms. Amanda Meredith living in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland (Australia) recently said that she was not completely shocked about what happened to her cat, Oscar, according to ABC News.
Mrs. Meredith said she heard cats squeal as her husband went to wash the sheets. However, Mrs. Meredith thought that the sound was coming from the closet so she didn't pay attention and went outside to dry. Moments later, she heard the cat chirping again and, in panic, her two-year-old Burmese-like cat was spinning in the front-loading washing machine.

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“Poor little cat puck her paw on the glass and looked at me while being spun. What a tragedy, ”said Mrs. Meredith.

It took another 2 minutes for the washing machine to drain and open the door. The lucky cat is still alive and is brought to the vet.
After taking the anti-inflammatory drug, the cat stayed at the vet for 24 hours and slept for a week after returning home.
Veterinarian Dan Capps says this is not uncommon, as cats often go into warm places to lie in the cold season. Mr. Capps recommends that the washing machine be checked thoroughly before washing the laundry.
Meanwhile, Meredith said that her cat Oscar probably used 3 out of 9 of its lives to survive the incident. Still, Mrs. Meredith said her pet seemed fearless as she sat in front of the washing machine and watched it work.

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