The future of technology village 2021

Social media will be reeling from e-commerce, with governments and tech companies continuing to deal with Chinese apps.

Social network is crazy about e-commerce

This trend is evident through the recent transformation of Facebook with the shopping tab on Instagram and the WhatsApp shopping cart.

Another buying stimulus that may blossom in the US in 2021 is "Live Shopping". Gautam Gupta, former CEO of NatureBox, predicts that 2021 will be the five forms of TV shopping channels to be reborn on mobile phones. "I believe that the art of engaging customers in the form of storytelling has always been an important part of driving commerce (online and in person). The ability to combine storytelling with online shopping will change the set." side of e-commerce, "he said.

Silicon Valley accelerates investment in products and services for content creation teams

Digital entertainment platforms will find new directions, allowing creators to derive direct revenue from users, while ensuring revenue for the company. In 2021 there will be more celebrity-app collaborations for paid services.

Boom dating app


Many people predict that when Covid-19 vaccine is widely distributed, people will be able to travel freely, countries will experience a period of people looking for their own halves but this is not the same as what used to be. seen in previous generations. Users are accustomed to remote connection, and as a result Tinder, Grindr and other dating apps have flourished.

Dating apps will continue to thrive in both cases, when everyone is allowed to leave the house or everyone remains indoors.

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America needs a strategy to manage Chinese apps

Alex Stamos, former chief security officer at Facebook, said: "There will be many other disruptive consumer applications from China. The Biden administration will definitely have to formulate a clear strategy to escape the war of phishing. Trump - TikTok ".

Internet saves movie theaters

Maybe next year a streaming service will buy one of its own movie theater chains entirely. Or maybe these chains still operate independently and turn into rental locations as virtual conference centers.

More stringent lawsuits and regulations.

Issues related to antitrust, data privacy and competition will slow down the growth of major US tech companies. Sundar Pichai and Mark Zuckerberg will have to watch out for the distractions these circumstances can bring.

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