What we learned

Tri Tran @ DevDay DaNang

April 2019

about me


Tri D. Tran

Senior Technical Architect



NFQ Asia | 8Bit Rockstars
Member of .NFQ  Group



I'm happy if you call me 'Mụp'

we WILL discuss about

  • Elasticsearch, when and when NOT
  • What we learned after actualizing amazing ideas of Startup companies at NFQ Asia

we WON'T talk about

  • What's Elasticsearch
  • Elasticsearch and the others, which one is the best
  • DOTA 2, LoL, Counter Strike...


1. "You Know, for Search"

  • Instant search
  • Spelling mistake
  • Relevant search result / Fuzzy search


2. Analytics, document processing

  • Natural language processing
  • Statistical reports
  • Prediction
  • Percolation


3. Centralized Log Management

4. Software as a Service (SaaS)

when NOT?

  • Not fluent
  • Economical issues
  • Transaction requirement
  • Just plain old lookup

Stay Safe


Lesson 1

Indexing latency

There is no locking mechanism for the indexes.

Lesson 2

Bulk API

Refreshing is an expensive operation and that is why by default it’s made at a regular interval, instead of after each indexing operation


Lesson 3


Primary Shard vs. Replica Shard

Shard Overallocation


Lesson 4

Index Aliases

Re-Indexing OR

Changing mapping with Zero Downtime

Lesson 5

Dedicated Master Nodes

Three dedicated master nodes, the recommended number, provides two backup nodes in the event of a master node failure and the necessary quorum to elect a new master.


The minimum_master_nodes setting is extremely important to the stability of your cluster. This setting helps prevent split brains, the existence of two masters in a single cluster.

Lesson n

Your problems?

Would you mind sharing them?

How did you solve?

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Tri D. Tran