Things you might not know

what did I miss?

  • Registry: GitHub vs. GitLab
  • development vs. production template
  • Feature Flags
  • Testing in Shopware6
  • BE: Data Abstraction Layer (DAL)
  • ... uhm! I don't know


  • Community
  • Open Source


  • Internal Team
  • Enterprise Plugins
  • ShopwareLabs
  • Synchronize MR/Tickets via sw-cli & ShopwareBot

development template

  • Development / unstable / Enabled under-constructional features
  • More sophisticated development tools (sw-cli, psd, etc, watcher, etc.)
  • For internal Team
  • Developers who wanna work deeply with Shopware, such as investigate, debugging, plugin development and so on.

development template

production template

  • Official Releases
  • Optimized for production usage
  • Built for creating project specific configurations: Headless mode (API only) or full-stacks e-commerce web-based (Admin Tool + Storefront)
  • Using distributed packages from platform of development template

production template

Feature Flags

  • Internal Team
  • Enable an under-construction feature
    (like a toggle)

Software Testing

  • Manual vs. automated Testing
  • White box vs. Black box
  • Types of automated tests
    • Unit test
    • Integration test
    • Functional test
    • End-to-end test
    • (User) acceptance test
    • Performance test / Load test

E2E Test

  • Black-box
  • Focus on User Behaviors in a complete application environment
  • Cypress


  • White-box
  • Focus on low-level implementation: individual methods, functions, classes, etc.
  • PhpUnit

Data Abstraction Layer