Open source digital campaigning CMS by SumOfUs



  • ActionKit
    • Creating and sending mailings
    • Analytics queries
  • Champaign
    • hosting petitions, donations and other action pages
    • campaigner-facing (and real time) stats
    • third party integrations
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  • Goals: customizability, flexibility, experimentation

  • Action pages with plugins instead of donation or petition pages 

  • Customizable layouts

    • Done with Liquid - a safe templating engine from Shopify

      • Allows users to edit the appearance of the pages without running any insecure code on the server.

      • Templates can be rendered directly from the database

      • Liquid does html just as well as emails

      • Editing and creating live layouts without deploys

  • Liquid + plugins 

    • Visually customizable layouts with any combination of elements

    • Fantastic for creating microsites

    • This really speeds up the process of getting A/B test results live

  • Examples:

Design decisions

Workflow demo

What's next

  • Finishing up a direct debit integration

  • One-click donations

  • Use the mailing API to further cut down manual work

  • Rearchitecting - get SumOfUs out of Champaign