Hi! I'm Tuuli.

  • From Finland / Slovenia

  • Recent MSc, psychology (+ computer science)

  • Looking to develop a career in the midst of UX research, data science and analytics

  • Jack of all trades:

    • Freelancing analyst and consultant (statistics, psychometrics)

    • Web developer (+ open source community manager)

    • In the past I've been a...

      • Seamstress

      • Musician

      • Pro gamer

      • Aerobics instructor :)

My research interests (+ past projects)

1. Gaming  

  • How cognitive skills, task load and team cohesion relate to performance
  • Applying tools and techniques from sports psychology to game studies
  • Using games for 'non-game'-research

2. Computational psychology

  • Psychometric artificial intelligence
  • Cognitive architectures in cognitive ergonomics

3. Cyber psychology + health care technology = online mental health

  • Overcoming barries of care with technology
  • Opinion-based voting and ideological segregation on Reddit

4. Statistics and research methodology

  • Psychometrics - instrument construction
    • Finnish standardization of ITEA - Individuation Test for Emerging Adults
    • Lexical structure of Slovenian personality adjectives
  • Experimental psychology
    • Web-based experimental methodology for behavioral sciences
      • JavaScript-based experiments on Node.js
      • My pet topic - check some posts at www.web-psychometrics.com

I just graduated

My interests in an enterprise setting...


Cyber psychology + health care technology

  • Moodswing.io - simple mood-tracking web application ( + journal and daily triggers/keywords)

        -> Self help platform for cognitive behavioral therapy for sexual assault victims

Statistics and research methodology

  • Psychometrics - survey and test analysis for UX research and analytics
  • Web-based methodology!
    • "embedding" UX research
    • Behavioral artifacts - behavioral analytics
  • 'Data science' - data journalism

Practice fusion

  • health care technology

  • young company

  • learning opportunity

    • qualitative approach
    • interesting crossdisciplinary team
    • lots of areas to contribute to
  • what I could contribute
    • quantitative approach
    • technical skills
    • tons of potential and an independent approach :)
    • intercultural skills and language

Research example - the League of Legends study


  • Beginnings: observation and own experience
    • higher ranked players - higher cognitive fluency
  • Players are distributed in teams -> team cognition
    • Games for research on teams
  • No prior studies on the topic...
    • Instrument selection
      • Instrument construction and adaptation
        • team cohesion inventory, task load index
        • four tasks on cognitive skills
    • Broad, exploratory hypotheses


  • Web technologies
    • existing solutions written mostly in Flash or Java
      • From no JavaScript to full stack JavaScript
    • caring for the data validity
      • mobile access, screen resolution, multiple entries...
      • response time accuracy
      • cleaning up the data -> missing values
  • Time of sampling


  • The cohesion inventory for sports teams and the NASA task load index work great for game studies

  • Effort and frustration are negatively related to team performance

  • Simple response times appear important for gameplay, but different cognitive tests should be explored  

  • Members from teams with higher task-oriented cohesion scored better on the planning task

What I learned

... methodologically speaking.

  • Participant motivation is of huge importance
    • Drop outs and non-serious responses -> missing data after aggregation
      • Missing data is non-random
        • Do all you can to minimize it!
          • Personal contact 
          • Incentive
          • Information, feedback
          • Adaptive testing
          • Make participation convenient!
            • Sign up system and APIs

Let's talk!