Sweet Love Gateway

AfrikaBurn 2019: the long(er) version

Where did it begin?

Oppikoppi Tower

More Towers

& structures

  • 2010: The First tower, Oppikoppi
  • 2011: The Bigger tower, Oppikoppi
  • 2012: The Two towers, Oppikoppi
  • 2013: The Solo tower: Oppikoppi
  • 2014: The Tower & the Shade dome: Oppikoppi
  • 2015: The Tower & the Catapult, Oppikoppi
  • 2016: The First raft, Mieliepop
  • 2016: The Mark 2 tower & Gateway: Oppikoppi
  • 2017: The Second raft, Mieliepop
  • 2017: The Final tower: Oppikoppi
  • 2018: The Third raft: Mieliepop
  • 2019: Sweet Love Cinema Gateway: AfrikaBurn

Watch them go:

How did it begin?

How to catch a fire


... and more prototyping


How to survive?

Don't be kak & die in the desert


Take all your stuffs

The Dust

Do you even Burn, bro?

A Sneeky Peeky

The Clan Lamp

Mutant Vehicles

Art Works

The Skeleton Leaf of Change

Star Temple

Soul TrainĀ 

Using moving pictures:

Sweet Love Gateway

... finally and other stuffs


Party time

Limitless slip dome & Prometheus

Thank you


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