Campaign Recap

Session 1

  • Starts at the city of Kaedburg
  • A drow with a group of creatures attacks during the harvest celebration
  • Drow accuses the King of being evil and disrespecting nature
  • Quest from the King: bring his son (Hidden Prince) back from the land in the east

The Hidden Prince

  • Was born to a noble lady in the land in the east
  • Doesn't know that he is a prince
  • The Heroes have a ring that can confirm his identity

Session 2

  • The Heroes go to the boat through an underground passage
  • There's a locked door with a weird symbol on it; the Heroes overhear a conversation of two people behind the door
  • They are talking about possibly tracking the Heroes going as they journey to the East
  • Heroes get to the boat and travel to the city of Novgorod

Rumors on the Boat

  • Sailors on the boat are talking about weird things happening at sea
  • Ships are magically getting stopped by the Water King
  • Someone got sacrificed to the Water King
  • King of Kaedburg's health is rapidly declining

Session 3

  • The Heroes arrive to Novgorod
  • An agent of the king meets them and puts them in an inn
  • King's agent instructs the Heroes that what they are looking for is located south-east from Novgorod
  • Roads are temporarily blocked because of the flooding
  • Rumors of the Drow passing through

Session 3

  • The Heroes get a note that the king's agent wants to meet them at a brothel
  • They are jumped by a bunch of thugs on a narrow alley near the brothel
  • The brothel is marked by the same symbol as the locked door in the dungeon
  • Madame of the brothel is a trained spellcaster, but she surrenders after Sim the Half-Orc bites her ear off

Madame Lavinia's Information

  • She is hired by an organization called the Company to track magic items in the eastern lands
  • The Company is not affiliated with the King
  • The Company is tracking the Heroes because they could be potentially dangerous to the Company
  • The Heroes find a letter from Lavinia's cousin

Letter from Lavinia's cousin

Dear Cousin,

I’m writing to let you know that I left my father’s house to search for the one final piece I need for my project. My father did not want to let me leave his house; he wants me to finish my training first so I could help him in his future war against that creature that’s supposed to rise in the West. However, I’m tired of his dark arts and his xenophobia;
I also do not believe that the threat from the West is half as bad as he thinks. Nevertheless, he is convinced that everything on the other side of the Great River is bad and evil. I think that this was one of the reasons why he pushed you away when you needed help most. 
In other news, I’ve recently met two incredible young gentlemen. One of them is a prince and I think that he might actually be the one that I’ve been dreaming about this whole time.

Letter from Lavinia's cousin (cont.)

I only met him a week ago, but I feel like there is an unbreakable connection between us. His friend, however, is a very interesting creature, I’m not quite sure what to think of him. That boy definitely got some Western blood in him and I also sense some weird magic around him, but I can’t quite figure out what it is... Anyway, I decided to join them because I think that the item I’m looking for might be in the area they are heading to.
I know that it’s been a while since the last time we saw each other, I hope that you’re doing well. I was happy to hear that your little business in Novgorod is flourishing. You know that I don’t approve of the people who helped you with that, but I don’t judge you for dealing with outsiders either. If you ever need help or if you just want to contact me, just say my name to a black goose and I will get your message. 

Session 4

  • City guards come back from the road-clearing expedition
  • They were attacked by some monsters that took over the river crossing
  • Reward promised to people who would help take care of the monsters
  • The Heroes clear the river crossing of the Goblins and twig blights
  • Goblins are very rare in this land, though they are more common in the west.

Session 5

  • On the way back to the city the Heroes find traces of somebody moving hastily through the woods
  • They find a piece of black cloth and a lock of unusually white hair in the bushes
  • Following the trail, the Heroes find a grounded boat full of exotic wild animals. The animals are locked inside the ship, but they are out of control.
  • Irin Kezrit the Druid calms the animals down. Both the captain of the boat and the owner of the animals are grateful

Session 5

  • The captain tells the Heroes that the boat took a weird passenger in Kaedburg; that passenger always hid her face, never taking the hood of her cape off
  • Weird passenger started messing with the animals; animals went crazy; captain and the owner suspect charm 
  • Captain had to stop the boat; weird passenger had escaped.

Session 6

  • After the Heroes return to Novgorod, they are approached by Lady Liubava
  • Her husband, a merchant named Sadko, had disappeared some time ago.
  • She believes him to still be alive because she had a dream that he is trapped underwater at the Il'men lake, where the Water King holds his court

Sadko's story

  • Sadko was a poor bard who became insanely rich after winning a bet that he can catch a golden-finned fish in the lake
  • To win that bet, he made a deal with the Water King
  • The Water King became angry when Sadko didn't follow through on his part of the deal
  • According to rumors, Sadko's ships came to a dead stop in the sea during a raging storm
  • Sadko had thrown himself in the sea to save his men from the rage of the Water King

Session 6

  • Per Liubava's instructions, the Heroes find a small shrine in the woods and put the goods Liubava gave them on the altar
  • A magical old man appears and gives each PC a small stone that allows them to breathe and speak under water
  • The Heroes enter the lake

Session 7

  • The Water King holds a wedding banquet for Sadko and one of his daughters
  • The Heroes successfully infiltrate the celebration
  • Luo Fei the Monk meets two kind mermaids and they have a good time together
  • The rest of the party is trying to to prevent the consummation of Sadko's new marriage.

Session 7

  • After defeating Sadko's new Sea Hag wife and her swarms of quippers, the Heroes sneak out of the Water Halls taking Sadko with them
  • Sadko is reunited with his wife. He promises to spread the word about the Heroes among the merchants of the land, providing the Heroes with discounts and help
  • The magical old man warns the Heroes that the Water King is unhappy with them, thus, travelling by water may prove difficult.

Session 8

  • The Heroes travel to the city of Murom
  • On the way they pass through an empty village that's been burned
  • They find tracks of a giant rodent and a number of large golden egg shells

Session 8

  • In Murom, the Heroes run into Simon, a former lover of Anakis the Bard
  • Simon and Anakis are not on good terms, since their past relationship included not only passion, but also a fair amount of betrayal and backstabbing
  • Simon tries to abduct Anakis, but him and his minions are defeated by the Heroes
  • Simon reveals that he's been cooperating with the Company, trying to locate rare magic items in the area

Session 9

  • At the Inn, the Heroes talk to a wizard named Finn
  • He is trying to understand exactly what's happened in the now empty village
  • He sends the Heroes to retrieve the diary of his old friend F.I. Bonacci, whose house is nearby
  • The Heroes go to the house just to discover that it's full of riddles and monsters
  • There's an inactive portal in the basement; the Heroes find a long white Drow hair next to it
  • Reopening the portal requires a number of ingredients, one of which is a feather of a black swan-goose

Session 10

  • Back in the city, Simon approaches the Heroes asking to rescue his little brother and sister who were kidnapped by the black swan-geese
  • While searching for the kids, the Heroes encounter:
    • a talking brick oven that gives them magic pies
    • an apple orchard that gives them magic apples
    • a milk creek that let's them drink magic milk
  • The Heroes discover that the kids are in Baba Yaga's house on chicken legs.

Session 10

  • The Heroes see children inside the house
  • There are swan-geese around the house
  • Sim pets the house, they become friends, and the house opens its doors
  • The Heroes are attacked by swan-geese

Session 11

  • While fighting the swan-geese, the Heroes hear the noise from Baba Yaga coming home
  • The Heroes escape with the children. The Milk Creeks offers them a place to hide
  • In the cave under the creek the Heroes find the source of the milk. Sim the Half-Orc dives into the Great Milk Source. He is happy.
  • The Heroes find a secret passage that leads them inside the magic oven. They head back to the city.

Session 12

  • Back in Murom, the Heroes collect all the items needed to open the portal
  • They go back to the wizard's house and open the portal
  • The portal leads to one of the landings of the Infinite Staircase
  • The Heroes are approached by a dragon sent by Baba Yaga. Luga tricks the dragon into letting everybody go
  • The Heroes step into another portal

Session 13

  • The Heroes get out of the portal next to a giant oak tree. There's a huge cat chained to this tree. 
  • When the Cat goes to the right, he starts singing, when he goes left, he starts telling a story
  • The Cat was chained to the tree by the evil wizard Kaschey who lives in a castle far to the east
  • Kaschey's death is in a needle; the Fox and the Wolf know how to find the needle

Session 13

  • The Heroes proceed to the crossroads. There's a Stone that says:
    • If you go to the left, you will lose your horse
    • If you go straight, you will lose your life
    • If you go to the right, you will get married
  • The Heroes proceed to the left.

Session 13 - Session 14

  • The Heroes encounter some basilisks 
  • They find an entrance to the cave which they enter
  • The cave is an abandoned outpost of the Company, full of traps, old maps, and reports
  • One of the exits of the cave leads to a cave inhabited by bears

Session 14

  • The bears in the cave are lead by a werebear, who yields after the Heroes kill the other bears 
  • The werebear introduces himself as Prince George and claims that he needs help taking back the kingdom he's lost
  • The Heroes go back to the crossroads, werebear in tow.

Session 15

  • After going through a series of traps in the woods, the Heroes find a road leading to the village.
  • Near the road they find some dead bodies that were stripped of most of their clothes
  • The bodies rise up and fight the Heroes

Session 16

  • The Heroes reach the village.
  • There is an empty tower where the Princess used to live
  • Local stables are full of strange people who took over the village horses
  • George the Bear clearly knows the leader of the intruders, Wes.
  • Wes tries talking the village people into abandoning their barbaric ways and not honoring their agreements with the Forest Spirit
  • A combat ensues.

Session 17

  • The heroes question Wes. George the Bear tries to kill Wes, but he is stopped.
  • Wes is working for The Company.
  • Wes hates the Forest Spirit and wants to stop the village from supporting magical forest creatures.

Session 17

  • The heroes search the Tower.
  • In the closet they find a monster snake from another dimension. Combat ensues. Snake escapes.
  • Anakis the Bard sleeps in the tower and has a dream that reveals the Snake as a scorned lover of Princess's father. The Princess was sent to the Tower because the Snake won't leave her alone.

Session 17

  • The Heroes go to the forest to find the Forest Spirit
  • Luga summons a magical elk and rides it magnificently. Greg the Cleric falls into a pit trap.
  • The Forest Spirit tells the Heroes that the Company had been trying to disrupt the balance in these lands
  • According to the information from the Tower and the Forest Sprit, the young prince and his friends are heading towards the village located north-east from the Tower.

Session 18

  • On their way to the next village, the Heroes are attacked by the rest of Wes's forces
  • The Heroes arrive to the village. There are young people doing ritual plowing around the city walls.
  • Strange things have been happening in this village. Little children have been disappearing and the local lord have turned into an alcoholic.

Session 19

  • The Heroes go to a local tavern and meet a man who had his child abducted by some kind of monster.
  • At the lord Gorel's house, the Heroes meet Gorel, his housekeeper, and his unfriendly tennant, Egren Z.
  • Egren doesn't allow anybody to go to the second floor of the building
  • Anakis the bard tries to sneak past Egren upstairs, but he prevents her from doing that. She casts Hypnotic Pattern and combat ensues.
  • Turns out, there were 2 chimeras on the second floor.

Session 20

  • Gorel tells how his magical golden-maned horse was stolen by two young men
  • They first tried to steal the horse, but got caught. Gorel offered them a deal: they bring him the princess who lives in the tower and exchange her for the horse. After they brought the princess and left with the horse, the princess turned into a wolf and ran off.
  • Two young men were heading north-east.

Session 20

  • The Heroes search the house. They find a magic mirror and a letter (see letter text below)
  • Mirror was pointed to the mill and allowed to teleport there.
  • Inside the mill, the Heroes encounter bread monsters 
  • After defeating bread monsters, the Heroes free the children who were kept in cages inside the mill. The children happily reunite with their parents.

Letter Text

I am very displeased with your side experiments. You are one of my best Shepherds, so I forgive you this time, but do not forget yourself. Chimeras are just a folly; you need to concentrate on growing your loaf­herd. Collect the resources and do the ritual; do not get distracted. I do not need to remind you that you have to be discrete about resources; I have lost enough Shepherds to an angry mob crying for their children.

I have heard that one of my daughters was seen in your area. If you see her, let her know that I will forgive her insolence if she comes back home. Tell her that a war is coming and she needs to be careful in choosing her side.
I will see you on the longest night,

Session 21

  • The Heroes search the mill. They find a bunch of papers showing that bread monsters are from another dimension.
  • The Heroes head to the northeast. On the way, they encounter a giant Fox. The Fox asks them to find the guy who was dishonorable towards her adopted daughter and assasinate him. His name is Fenist and he can turn into a bird.
  • After encountering some manticores in the mountains, the heroes reach the city of the Garden Wall. The city is shrouded in darkness because its light source was taken away.

Session 22

  • The Heroes explore the town and go shopping. Mugen accidentally knocks over a lady who expresses distinct interest in his heroic qualities.
  • The Heroes follow the nice lady to her house on the edge of the city. Unfortunately, she is a hag in possession of a giant tentacle cauldron.
  • The Heroes defeat the hag and her cauldron. They meet the local lord who is delighted that the city is now free of the hag.
  • The lord asks the Heroes to investigate the destruction in the nearby villages. One of the villages has been evacuated to lure in whatever is causing the destruction. The Heroes head over there.

Session 23

  • The Heroes arrive to the abandoned village.
  • There is a giant chicken who talks to the heroes and tries to convince them to take her to other people. The Chicken gives a golden egg.
  • Mugen tries to lift and shake the Chicken; golden egg explodes.
  • A giant Mouse appears and the combat ensues.
  • After defeating the Mouse and the Chicken, the heroes take the bodies back to town.

Session 24

  • After looking in the magic mirror, the Heroes see the lost prince and his friends travelling through the woods just to the north-east from the Garden Wall.
  • They head out to follow their quarry. On the way they see a trail of blood in the woods.
  • Following the trail of blood, they find a bunch of gnolls trying to drag a girl into a portal. The Heroes fight the gnolls, but some of them manage to escape with the girl. The Heroes recognize her as the Kachey's daughter and the love interest of the lost prince's friend.
  • The Heroes find a clearing in the woods. They see a giant Wolf who guards a dead body of the lost princes' friend. The Wolf tells them that the lost prince went to fetch Water of Life and Water of Death that are supposed to bring his friend back to life. The Wolf also points the location of the springs on the map.

Session 25

  • The Heroes find a well in the woods. They are attacked by water elementals.
  • The Heroes find a Pike who is an enchanted prince.
  • The Pike is a human prince who grew up as a ward to the Water King. He was given a magic bracelet that allowed him to turn into a pike or back to the human form. Not so long ago, local village fool called Emelya stole the Pike's bracelet. In an attempt to get the bracelet back, the Pike revealed the location of his artifacts to Emelya who immediately retrieved them and took the power in the Lake Town.
  • The Heroes agree to help the Pike to get his bracelet back in exchange for letting them visit the Springs that contain Water of  Life and Death (the Pike is the Keeper of the Springs).

Session 26

  • The Heroes look for the Pike's secret stashes. They find a platform on the top of a tree.
  • On the platform the Heroes encounter two tieflings and a wood woad. After defeating the tieflings, they reduce the wood woad to one branch. Luga plants the branch near big tree.
  • On the platform the Heroes find a dead body with its heart removed and a treasure chest containing an elemental gem and Rope of Entanglement.
  • Not far from the tree the Heroes meet a girl named Prosha. She is Emelya's niece; her father disappeared and she suspects that something bad happened to him. The Heroes suspect that her father was the sacrifice to create the wood woad and they point her to the location where Luga planted the branch.

Session 26

  • The Heroes arrive at Lake Town.
  • In the tavern they meet a halfling named Thomas. Thomas tried to sell his services as a sellsword to Emelya but changed his mind after he saw that Emelya has a magic oven and a weird guy with scary dogs.
  • The Heroes ask the innkeeper for green beer and go to the basement to take a look at the second secret stash.
  • In the basement they are greeted by a half-elf named Alex who tells them that he knows a secret passage to get into the palace.
  • The Heroes follow Alex, but they are attacked by invisible enemies. Alex disappears; the Heroes hastily retreat into a warehouse.

Session 27

  • The Heroes follow Alex to a warehouse. They find a hidden trapdoor.
  • In the passage the heroes fight some Cranium Rats
  • The passage leads to the Throne Room of the palace. Hell Hounds guard it.
  • The Heroes see a familiar Oven sitting where the throne should be.
  • Alex turns out to be an Incubus. There is a flying club acting independently. Combat ensues.
  • Irin the Druid summons a lot of pixies.
  • When the Heroes defeat all of the enemies, the Oven leaves the palace.

Session 28

  • The Heroes go to Emelya's private chamber and find the pregnant princess in there. She is under some sort of a charm.
  • The Heroes follow the Oven. It leads them to a clearing in the woods with a small cabin.
  • Luga sneaks up to the cabin and sees Emelya sleeping inside.
  • Luga surprises Emelya with an attack. After a short fight, Emelya is defeated.
  • Mugen goes inside the oven. There is a dungeon there. Mugen releases the prisoners.
  • The necklace that the King had given the Heroes to find his lost son starts vibrating. One of the prisoners is Martin - the lost prince!