Catalysis Concept 2

This concept is based on wordplay and games like Scrabble. The focus of this concept is how a suprising amount of creativity can spawn from a standardized framework of ideas and processes, a kind of "idea factory" if you will, that constantly churns out new ideas by following a consistent and reproducible process. To bring this out, this concept has monospaced typography laid out in a strict, unyielding grid (symobilizing the consistent framework underlying the idea generation) which is then rearranged in a suprising amount of clever typographic permutations and combinations (symbolizing the ideas coming out of this rigid and consistent framework). The branding then carries on with the "grid” concept and develops a life of its own as can be seen in the slides below...


Logo Permutations —

Any number of words can be out of the using the letters present in the logo. Perfect for brand messages and marketing slogans highlighting creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Nearly every word commonly used in advertising and media can be formed out of the logo...

Logo Permutations —

Play with position and orientation to get over 10 million logo variations...

Logo Permutations —

The Shu•Ha•Ri dots can be extended to form the basis of Catalysis branded illustrations inspired by the HEDCUT illustration style...



The branding theme can extend to the office interiors featuring high walls and thin, vertical lights.

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