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GraphQL: Rethink Cache with Apollo Cache 3.0



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JavaScript / GraphQL  earns my bread


Travel and painting satifies my thirst


Endless love for OSS but never committed to a single project for long 😉


Works @ Omio , A Search Engine for Travel


Co-organizer of JSRealm, Chennai (@js_realm)

Lets Begin

What is Apollo Cache?

Problems with InMemory cache and cache Invalidation

Live Demo of possible issues

Solution: Apollo Client 3.0

New InMemory Cache

Customize fields with Type Policies

Cache Eviction

  • cache.evict

  • cache.modify

  • cache.identity

Time for the Hero

Garbage Collection

  • cache.gc

  • cache.release

  • cache.retain

Live Demo and Code walkthrough

Thank you

QA Time


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