Vishal Morjaria

Inspire, Educate, Influence, and Serve People
One of the greatest arts in the professional world is to be able to inspire, educate, influence, and serve people. Speaking to 800 people this year was a wonderful experience. I’ve also spoken to a group of 5 people this year, and I’ve always told myself of course the more people the more exciting it can be, but even if 1 comes I’ll do my best to give that 1 person my best no matter what!
This year I’ve spoken to audiences from 5-800 all over the world and there’s so many more exciting things to come! People try to break me, hate me, destroy me, and all sorts of other things and I actually lovingly welcome them as I know I’m playing a bigger game and growing more and more.
My saying is that you should love your haters and negative counterparts for they deserve your support too. Don’t let them take advantage but you can be loving and supportive on many levels even through your subtle thoughts.
Thank You For Watching