The mushroom growing kit provides you with the mushroom, and it starts to grow. To break open the kit, the fungal mycelium grows on a substrate. The substrate can be straw, tree trunks, sawdust or any combination of things you can name. A mushroom spores kit is a way to easily grow your magic mushroom.


The most popular variety that can be grown in practical kits are oyster mushrooms, which are popular in Asian cuisine, and there is a huge variety of colors associated with variations in flavor and texture. Black oysters have a bold taste compared to the white variety, and flavour and colour are intensified when exposed to a little sun as they grow.

While kits are able to store just about anything, it is best to use your mushroom growing kits as sparingly as possible. If you need to fertilize your mushrooms, it is a good option to dispose of them on the compost.


If you are convinced to use a mushroom growing kit for your next project, now is the time to get one for yourself. 

Here are 10 of the best mushroom kits you can use for growing mushrooms.


1. Morel

2. Lion’s Mane

3. Enoki

4. Reishi

5. Yellow Oyster

6. Black Oyster

7. Gray Oyster

8. Pearl Oyster

9. Pink Oyster

10. White Oyster