Wojciech Odrobina

Wojciech Odrobina is a person trained in the planning, design and supervision of the construction of houses, projects and buildings. Practicing architecture means offering services related to the design and construction of a building or a space within which there are constructions with the main objective of human use and occupation.


This is the maximum responsible for the design and construction of buildings, spaces where vital activities of man will be developed and relationships that they establish among themselves; In addition to protecting it, territorially organize the space where it lives and make it more comfortable, among other functions of no less importance - Wojciech Odrobina Longford


The Wojciech Odrobina archititect is polished and detailed in its work, it provides a direct treatment to know all the client's requirements before starting with the project planning. This information known as a program or brief is essential to produce a work that concentrates all customer needs.


In addition to design and planning, wojciech odrobina is also responsible for dealing with laws, regulations and regulations on the construction of works, houses and buildings. Some regulations have to do with the preservation of historic sites, facades, loading and unloading limitations, limits on the height of a building, residential, commercial areas, hours allowed for work and related to the hiring of staff.


Wojciech Odrobina Carrick on Shannon is also involved in the preparation of paperwork and documents often coordinated or with information provided by other professionals from many different disciplines such as electricians, mechanics, plumbers, civil engineers, surveyors, surveyors among others, which together can create incredible things, forming a great team.