GraphQL Exploration

Xinjiang Shao



- The increasing amount of microservices (20+)

- Changing Landscape for API Consumers (Native App, Web App, Conversational App, etc.)

- Performance Concerns

   - How many API calls for powering up some design

   - Return payload with more than we need

   - Caching


Why GraphQL?

At the time, our iOS and Android apps were thin wrappers around views of our mobile website. While this brought us close to a platonic ideal of the “write once, run anywhere” mobile application, in practice it pushed our mobile-webview apps beyond their limits. ...

 We were frustrated with the differences between the data we wanted to use in our apps and the server queries they required.

Our Proof of Concept

Demo Time

Next Steps

  • Hosting GraphQL Server
  • Data Modeling
  • Production Client App Integration
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