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Backend as a service is a model for providing web and mobile app developers with a way to link their applications to backend cloud storage while also providing features such as user management, push notifications, and integration with social networking services

Before we were used
to handle all the logic
and the data in our servers

but that was before !

Different types of BaaS

  • User management
  • Mobile only
  • Dedicated to Payment
  • Close or Open Source

But why everyone get
excited about it ?

There are different reasons

Not all of them apply to your 
application but at least one

Don't Repeat Yourself

We're always coding the same
  • models
  • controllers
  • validation
  • roles

It's a big lose of time.


like the Platform As A Service,
You don't deal about maintaining
  • Servers
  • Updates
  • Firewall
  • Backups


Online companies can't always
predict a huge adoption
 of their services

By having load balancers
 with autoscaling the numbers
of servers, the BaaS can deal with it

Integration with 3rd Party

They can manage the logic directly with
other services or platforms and let you use
a high level layer of API

  • Notifications on Mobile
  • Targeted Emailing
  • Subscriptions linked to users


  • Web
  • Mobile
    • iOS
    • Android
    • Windows Phone (Nah bro, I'm kidding)
  • Desktop
  • Rest (What else ? )

Give me list !

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services
  • Parse
  • Stackmob (dead few days ago :/ )
  • Google Cloud Mobile Endpoints
  • Firebase
  • Kinvey
  • Deployd
  • Many others

It's too good, tell me the tricks

  • Most of them are closed source
  • Portability of the data
  • No standard
  • Limited personalization
  • Still young

What are you waiting for ?

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