Evolutionary DevOps

Sydney DevSecOps Meetup August 2018

My Story of Evolution

  • 2002 Web Developer


  • 2004 ESB - all major ESBs


  • 2014 Mr Rancher  




  • 2016 Mr Serverless 


  • 2018 Mr Pragmatic 

People Process Technology

Your Story of Evolution

Why do We Evolve?

  • Is DevOps dead?
  • What Tools should I learn next
  • What's the next big thing?
  • How do I keep up?
  • But where is the Customer in all this?

Customers Don't Care about

  1. Tools: Docker, Microservices, Lambdas
  2. Proprietary vs Open Source 
  3. Number of GitHub Stars
  4. Multi Cloud vs Single Cloud 


"Tool Obsessed" Profession.

Try the "Bar Test"

Where We Evolving To?

  • Human Centric

  • Solve Business, not Infrastructure Problems

  • Pick up the Phone, walk across the Cubicle

And How?

Lower Level​ Cloud Native Stack

Credits: Packet.Net - splicing-the-cloud-native-stack

Higher Level​ Cloud Native Stack

Aim for Here

Pets, Cattle, Wagyu

Speed to Market

Is capped by Customer Facing Front End

Focus on the Problem

Apply/learn the Right Tools

The Comb Shaped Engineer

Customer! Customer! Customer!

Until Technology Singularity