The Koodoo Way

Tech Team Culture and Values


  • This is OUR software
  • We’re proud of it
  • We want to make it better through collaboration with Koodoods who care about it as well


  • I am not always right
  • Every day is a school day
  • I wonder if I just change this variable here...oh god!


  • We make time for the things that other developers don’t. Things like security, a11y.


  • Innovation is not a buzzword!
  • It’s core to our business and technical strategy
  • You don't get innovative products if you don't invest in innovation


  • Your ideas are tools not babies
  • If there is a better tool you shouldn’t be afraid to throw away your current tool in order to get a better one.
  • 👶 + YEET == 😭
  • 🔨 + YEET == 🤷‍♂️


  • Graft, muck in, pull your weight, whatever you call it we help each other to meet objectives
  • We graft when we have to
  • We plan so that we don’t frequently have to graft in an extreme fashion


  • We listen to each other
  • We build each other up
  • We are proud of our differences and celebrate our similarities


  • I’m a Koodood, you’re a Koodood. Koodoods are gosh darned awesome!
  • We trust each other to hold these values in high regard

Professionalism done right

  • Being professional doesn’t have to be boring
  • We're memetastic
  • Communicating the message is more important than conforming to old school expectations for delivery