Traffic Emission and Energy Consumption Model (TEM) for open-source QGIS


Experimentig D3.js in QGIS

Licence: (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Who am I

15 years working on Satellite Ground Segments for

Landsat, Cryosat, MODIS, Sentinel...


Since 2006 in QGIS/GRASS

QGIS Plugin y Core developer

PKI support for Postgres provider

WMS legend in QGIS and composer

Save style for Spatialite provider

SVG support in Mapserver/SLD

Bug fixing and QGIS Plugin development


Fundador del  of

Italian OSGEO Local Chapter



Scope of the project

Develop a QGIS plugin to

  • Integrate STEM algorithm in a GIS environment

  • Parameter experimentation

  • Rapid spatial feedback 

Previous solution

  • Closed source

  • Only windows

  • Code cannot evolve

  • No GIS integration

Development condition

  • QGIS Integration

  • Same Algorithm interface (conf files, shape files)

  • No Algorithm rewrite (Fortran)

Fleet distribution

  • Complex configuration file

  • Flexibibility to add new Fleet classes

  • Simple way to express and modify distribution

Use D3.js Sunburst


Research area about:

  • Integrate web pages in a C++/python env

  • State of the art dataviz solutions

  • Flexibility of two world (Desktop and web)

  • Previous experience (Geosisma)


Demo time

How to Install


Oxana Tchepel -

Daniela Dias -

Luigi Pirelli -



Luigi Pirelli



Licence: (CC BY-SA 3.0)