Forge frontend tech update

Introduced lately

  • Haxe
  • tink_core
  • Typed reflibs
  • tink_state



Generic type-safe building blocks for common problems

  • CallbackLink
  • Future
  • Outcome
  • Promise
  • Signal
  • some other stuff

tink_core: CallbackLink

  • For all kinds of "cancellable" registrations/operations
  • Most often used for callbacks (thus the name)
  • Public API: the cancel() method ;-)
  • Ensures single invokation
  • Create from a function
  • Join multiple into a single CallbackLink
  • null is a valid value (noop, not NPE)

tink_core: Future

  • Represents asynchronous result
  • Composability
    • inParallel/inSequence
    • map/flatMap
    • FutureTools.combine
  • Can be lazy and suspendable

tink_core: Future

tink_core: Future

tink_core: Outcome

  • Represents success/failure outcome
  • Explicit and type-safe
  • Helper methods included

tink_core: Promise

  • Represents asynchronous outcome
  • Essentially a Future<Outcome<T,Error>>
  • Same API as Future
  • + convenience methods for dealing with errors
    • next
    • recover
    • Promise.resolve
    • Promise.reject
    • etc.
  • Our own helpers:
    • then
    • PromiseTools.combine

tink_core: Promise

tink_core: Promise

tink_core: Signal

  • Generic one-to-many notification primitive
  • Listener API separate from trigger API
  • Composability
    • map/filter
    • nextTime
  • Can be lazy and suspendable

Typed reflibs

  • Type-safe asset libraries
  • Generated by ATC
    • defined via gunnerfile
    • in sync with asset repo
  • More info here


  • Do actions when object comes to the stage
  • Undo actions when it leaves the stage
  • GC-friendly, replaces explicit dispose┬áin most cases
  • Great for managing external bindings
    • Event/Signal
    • Observable

tink_state: Reactive State Handling

  • Observable state primitives
  • Automatic derived data updates
  • Efficient computations and bindings
  • Plays well with tink_core
  • ObservableArray/ObservableMap

tink_state: The Idea

tink_state: The Idea

Inventory state

(from BE)

Search string

(from User)

Current page

(from User)

Matching items

Items to display

Number of pages

Has prev page?

Has next page?

tink_state: Basics

tink_state: binding

  • Synchronously calls handler for the first time
  • On-change binding invokations are batched
    • bindings are invoked once per frame
    • bindings are only invoked if the value actually changes
  • Configurable
    • custom comparators
    • direct invokation instead of batching

tink_state: auto-observable

  • Create observables from a compute function
  • Automatically tracks "parent" observables
  • Invalidates when parents change
  • Recomputes on the next access
    • and caches the result until next invalidation

tink_state: Predicted/Promised

Convenience tools for observing Future/Promise results

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