• Building static websites with content from a headless DNN

    This session will review our experience using DNN as a headless CMS. This allows us to use DNN for content administration while having complete control over the output of the finished website. We'll discuss benefits and challenges of the approach, and explore possible alternatives.

  • Building Secure ASP.NET Applications

    It can be hard to keep up-to-date on the latest best practices for web security, as well as to understand how they affect a shared environment like DNN. As our development approaches change to take web services into account, we need to adjust our security practices to continue protecting our clients and users. This presentation will review a number of practices that you can undertake to increase the security of your web application, highlighting common errors in applications as well as newer vulnerabilities that have come to light.

  • Little Known DNN Features

    Over the years, DNN has accumulated many helpful little features that get documented once (if at all) and then forgotten, only available to the few who go looking through the source code and discover a gem. Let's review the development features you didn't even know you were missing. I've been digging through DNN's source code for over 12 years, and have accumulated many rarely used features and capabilities built into DNN's platform that may be just the right approach for the solution you're building or the problem you've encountered. This talk will explore some of the latent possibilities that DNN provides if you just know where to look.

  • Advanced Git Techniques to Manage Open Source Contributions

    Have you tried to contribute to an open source project, only to realize that your change was on the wrong branch? Or maybe you were asked to rework part of your contribution, and you're not sure the best way to do that? Learn some Git techniques to for easier contributing and project maintenance. Git is the lingua franca of open source development, but many developers only learn and use the basic features it provides. A fuller embrace of Git can simplify the development process, but it can also make a big difference when making a contribution to an open source project. On a fast moving project, you may run into conflicts that you need to manage, or rework that needs to happen if your initial contributions needs some tweaks. This talk will walk through a number of common scenarios around contributing code and managing open source projects, and provide a framework for thinking through approaches to streamline the process and simplify the contributing experience for everyone.

  • Using Gulp to create a front-end build pipeline

    You know you’re supposed to compress your JavaScript, optimize your images, and process your CSS before deploying it to production, but it’s so much work to keep up with it all and figure it all out again for the next big thing. This presentation will look at using Gulp as a tool to easily automate all of these processes in a centralized way. Gulp is deceptively simple, but full-featured, so adding the next big thing to your workflow takes only a few minutes.

  • Git Concepts, Tips & Tricks

    You’ve been using Git for a while and know the basic commands, but do you really understand what makes it different than other source control solutions? This presentation will focus on the core concepts within Git, and how embracing those concepts can change how you approach writing software in the first place.

  • DNN on Docker

  • Git Concepts, Tips & Tricks (2017)

    Whether you're working on a team of a dozen developers or creating DNN extensions by yourself, making effective use of source control can make a huge difference in the productivity of your workflow. This session will cover methods for getting the most out of Git to manage your source code, making it simpler to pick up where you left off, to keep in sync with your project's collaborators (including yourself on multiple computers), to avoid lost changes, and to properly manage releases of your code.

  • Creating a Build Pipeline for your JS, CSS and more (2017)

    JavaScript came out with a major new version in 2015, CSS 4 is on the horizon, but your website still needs to support folks browser in IE 8. This session will review the options available to your development team to be more productive with the latest and greatest language features, while simultaneously broadening your browser support by using tools to transpile, minify, and lint your client-side assets before you ship them to your websites. Sample code available at https://github.com/bdukes/Creating-a-Build-Pipeline-for-your-JS-CSS-and-more

  • DNN Project Templates

    Featuring Yeoman, Gulp, and a long list of supporting characters

  • .NET Core

  • TypeScript

  • jQuery & DNN

    The recent history of jQuery, and it's relationship to DNN