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  • Grid Box Flex Down

    A fun comparative exploration of flexbox and grid layouts in CSS. With a disagreeable amount of Giphy embeds.

  • La Vie Sous Vide

    Slidedeck for the March 25, 2017 Gainesville Barcamp ( talk of the same name. No recording for this one unfortunately but the plagiarized photos and factoids copied from Wikipedia are definitely fire!

  • Thinking In Components

    An introduction to component centric web app design, a preparation for learning React.

  • WTF are Observables?

    With observables and functional reactive programming popping up more and more from the ethos of web development, "WTF are Observables?" is a much needed introduction to observables, RxJS, and FRP to intermediate JavaScript developers. Combining fun examples and anecdotes, visitors leave this talk with everything they need to know to get started with RxJS and are invigorated to learn more and begin applying functional principles to their Javascript practice.

  • learnyounode

  • TypeScript

    An introduction to the first JavaScript compiler-thingy you should consider caring about.