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  • Online Abuse: Mitigation & Survival

    Part of our Privacy & Security Workshop series. The Internet is a wonderful place where we can access almost any information in a moment’s notice. Many of us use it to stay in touch with colleagues, friends and loved ones around the world. Unfortunately, the opposite is often true: certain offenders will use it to stay in touch with victims via harassment, cyber stalking and leaking revenge porn. We hope you never find yourself the target of any of this traumatizing behavior. But we want to be sure you know what to do to protect yourself ahead of time and know what to do if you ever find yourself in this position. Many women and minorities may find they are at a higher risk for this.

  • Privacy & Security Workshop

    Part of our Privacy & Security Workshop series. we cover an introduction to privacy and security which will have you covered on all the basics. From privacy and security concepts to common risk vectors, we have many examples straight from an ethical hacker’s playbook. Participants are welcome to follow along with some exercises and some take-home assignments.

  • Vehicle-Based Surveillance

    Part of our Privacy and Security Workshop series. If you’ve ever wondered how to look for GPS tracking devices on a vehicle, or would like to learn more about the type of information which could be gathered from one, this workshop is for you. This workshop will explore different techniques used by malicious actors to obtain vehicle-related information. This includes: - Tracking of a vehicle with a GPS device - Using apps and services such as OnStar to track vehicles - Discovering publicly-available information related to vehicles Each of the offensive techniques demonstrated will be accompanied by counter-measures to help attendees better understand the steps they can take to defend themselves against these types of attacks.