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  • Copy of Leveraging Linear Programming for pseudo-Boolean solving - PoS 19

  • Fixpoint Semantics for Active Integrity Constraints: Extended Abstract


  • SOGrounder: Modelling and Solving Second-Order Logic

  • Copy of Symmetry in SAT: an overview

    talk for Theory and Practice of Satisfiability Solving

  • FLoC 2018

  • QBF Grounder

    Presentation for the FLOC 2018 QBF Workshop

  • Copy of Solving Technologies

  • Copy of IDP2ASP

  • Symmetry exploitation for combinatorial problems

    KTH invited talk

  • Safe Inductions: An Algebraic Study


  • SEL


  • Semantics for Active Integrity Constraints Using Approximation Fixpoint Theory


  • On merge requests

  • Copy of thesis: 30 maart

  • Copy of IDP4 vs the world

  • Domain Theory

  • PublicDefense

  • Vlaamse Programmeerwedstrijd 2017

  • On Symmetry

  • Copy of deck

  • Copy of BreakID-ASP


  • Flatzinc Parser

  • RuleML: Autoconfig

  • Local Search

    Presentation for ModRef

  • On Proof Theory

    DTAI presentation

  • BreakID


  • Declarative Solver Development: Case Studies

    Presentation for the KR'16 paper

  • Decisions