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  • The best of angular in node

    We have experienced a revolution in the Front-End with innovative ideas from Frameworks and libraries, however, how can our Back-End learn and benefit from this?, The architecture in Node can be a headache, Do not lose your mind!. Let's increase our technical skills and level of happiness, building robust applications in a simple, consistent and fast way, without losing the simplicity of Node with Nest.js; a framework based on the Angular design that provides the best concepts for scalable systems. Additionally, Nest.js is a short route for the approach of Angular developers to Node.js

  • TypeScript & NestJS

  • Copy of Copy of deck

  • Change Detection Angular Week 2018

    Template for Angular Week 2018

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  • Change Detection

  • NG Girls MED

  • TS

  • Pioneras developers ruby

    Introducción a ruby y taller de rails @pionerasdev