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  • Flat Buffers

  • Flink Operations

  • Code Without Exceptions

  • Git Chery-Pick

  • Flink 102

  • Flink 101

  • Compojure API

  • Future of Chicago Clojure

  • The Slacker Ad Hoc c* clojure talk

    This was thrown together in a few minutes to fill in for a last minute speaker cancellation, don't judge this one please.

  • Backup and Restore in Cassandra and OpsCenter

    Backup and Restore in Cassandra and OpsCenter

  • Getting Started with Cassandra & Python

    A walk through on setting up a To Do application using Tornado, a python framework, and performing CRUD operations with Cassandra.

  • Setting up C* for Dev

    A short tutorial to get your feet wet and start dev.

  • Intro To Cassandra

    What is Cassandra? When to use it?

  • Clojure Macro Writing 101

  • Fn concepts: Monoids

  • Opscenter

  • Transducers

  • Grokking Closures

  • Getting Started With Clojure

  • Storm in the Wild

  • Clojure

  • Storm (with python (and a side of clojure))

  • Monoids