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  • Pixioo Photography: Why Engagement photography has become so popular?

    Wedding the matter that decides the life of the two families in the future, and its first step is the engagement day, locking this time frame has been mastered by Pixioo photograph, the renowned company for engagement photography in Singapore. Engagement-the exchange of rings symbolizing the exchange of the promises for living together and its memories in the photo album are the most important gift to the wedding couple. So are you going to take any chance on this issue? If no that is indeed to be NO, then your one and only choice should be the professionals of Pixioo Photography, Singapore. Believing in the phrase ‘time and tide waits for none’ they capture all your special moments in cameras with high efficiency. Engagement photography is not a mere matter of choice these days. The prospects of both the photographer and the wedding couples have changed over the year.

  • Pixioo Photography:Best 3 Ideas For Engagement Photography

    Engagement photography Singapore has given the world the name of Pixioo photography the best brains to give the ideas behind the graceful engagement photographs. The subject of engagement photography has been a long researched topic. Pixioo photograph of Singapore is one of the popularly chosen companies by the wedding couples as they give you the most lovable and perfect pictures that can become your asset. Talking about the ideas for engagements photography includes the perfect timing, the perfect place and obviously the correct mood of the couple.

  • Pixioo Photography: Why Engagement photography has become so popular?

    Summary: Wedding the matter that decides the life of the two families in the future, and its first step is the engagement day, locking this time frame has been mastered by Pixioo photograph, the renowned company for engagement photography in Singapore. Engagement-the exchange of rings symbolizing the exchange of the promises for living together and its memories in the photo album are the most important gift to the wedding couple. So are you going to take any chance on this issue? If no that is indeed to be NO, then your one and only choice should be the professionals of Pixioo Photography, Singapore. Believing in the phrase ‘time and tide waits for none’ they capture all your special moments in cameras with high efficiency. Engagement photography is not a mere matter of choice these days. The prospects of both the photographer and the wedding couples have changed over the year.

  • Pixioo Photography: How to choose the right wedding photographer?

    Wedding photography Singapore by Pixioo has created some head turning wedding albums to gift the newlywed couple. The blend of modern thinking and experience has armed the photographers with the strength to play with the three most important things of a quality photo- the light, the composition and the tools. To decide how to judge the photographer in these three criteria Pixioo Photography offers you a range of their work to satisfy your mind. But being first timer for choosing a wedding photographer you may end up in the net of photographs only looking at them with no inference.

  • Pixioo Photography Traditional Vs Modern Wedding Photography

    Summary: Wedding day photographers Singapore has always been in debate about the family of wedding photography they belong. This debate is a long run debate as these two kinds of photography never satisfies the need of the client being independent of each other. Wedding photographers at Pixioo photography, Singapore believes in the client’s preference and comes up with the way they need their wedding to be captured. Be it modern wedding or traditional wedding photography they expertise in both the style of shooting your wedding. Pixioo Photography reviews gives you a perfect idea about what shall be best for you explore the site for more info on whether to use the warmth of the old or the adventure of the new in your special day photographs.

  • Pixioo Photography Top Four Digital Cameras for Professional Photography

    Summary: The Pixioo photography promises the client the best photographs with the high quality cameras and each moment is personalised with high end cameras. Camera, the most important device for photography, has seen enormous transformation .Most cameras sold in the market are digital as they use lens of different diaphragm. Digital cameras can display immediately and can be deleted or stored in the memory as per the requirement. Digital cameras come in wide range of capabilities which determines its price range. Cameras can be divided into two main categories: Point-and-shoot: They are compact and handy to use and is best for the beginners. SLR and DSLR: They are more of advantage to the professional and serious amateurs.

  • Pixioo Photography: Basic Guidelines For A Novice Photographer

    Pixioo Photography: Basic Guidelines For A Novice Photographer- The famous, professional photographers help us in many ways by providing their tips and tutorials. Martin Parr, one of the UK’s most eminent photographer says “Make sure people aren’t smiling.

  • Pixioo photography Event photography coverage –How is it done?

    Pixioo photography reviews manifest the ability of the Pixioo as the best event photographer in Singapore. Having undeniable talent, Samuel of Pixioo transforms any event into a memorable one. What is event photography? Taking of photos at occasions and functions is what is the role of an event photographer .They do it with the help of portable studio equipment, which depends on the kind of the programme .As an event photographer you need to adjust yourself with the changing situation. Sometimes it may not be very glamorous or interesting as it may include photo shoot of black tie corporate. Any event under the sun can be the subject of event photography, from wedding to concert or may it be sports .The services provided by one of the best event photographer Singapore, Pixioo is just incredible .Their goal is to catch the tempo or highlights of the gathering and this needs a good sense of artistry. Guidelines to make the job profitable: • Identify the money making situation. • Look like a professional. • Establish productive relationship. • Create a sense of urgency • Make sure of your presence to be felt in the event. • Make the images easy to be identified. Tips to execute the event photography:  Do a survey of the venue and take few pre- event snaps as they might prove invaluable to the client for future use.  Although great photos of the clients are impor

  • Pixioo photographers Controlling light- a vital step in photography.

    Light, an essential component of photography, is used by the Pixioo photographers judiciously. With the correct use of light they create a world of magic in the arena of photography. The term photography itself highlights two words: light and graphics .So it is basically drawing with light. The success of the photographer lies in the understanding the nature of light and the technique to control it .Usage of light is very crucial as it is not merely about how bright or dark it appears .It is the key to mood, ambience and the overall look of your image. It can modify, alter, add and change the texture of your images. Harsh and direct light creates strong and well defined shadows while if you make the shadows with diffused light they are soft. Such handy tips can definitely change you to a smart photographer. Understanding the nature of light and controlling it:  Three basic characteristics of light that ultimately make your images are : • the level of harshness or softness • the direction of light • the colour •  Tips to control light: • Lighting position: The direction of the light source determines the shadow and its position in respect to the subject. • Colour of different sources of light have a great impact on the appearance and mood of the subject. • Aperture, allows to determine the amount of light you need and that sets the image on roll. • Shutter speed also allo

  • Pixioo photography Unique ideas to choose backgrounds for wedding photographs.

    Pixioo photography, one of the best photographer in Singapore, is preferred over others as they have showcased their immense talent in choosing the backdrop for wedding pictures. Wedding is considered by the photographers as greatest indentation. As you sign up as a wedding photographer, your work begins long before the D day and continues after as these photographs will remain as memories and will be on display on the wall for many years to come. Photography it is not only about the subject but background also speaks a lot .Nothing but background makes a photo session more interesting and better. Backdrops may be challenging and also can act as a magic wand by blending and highlighting the subject in context. Tips to select backgrounds: In photography, it is not difficult for the backdrop to overwhelm or distract the subject .The perfect backdrop can be anything,elegant or bold ,but to select the appropriate one based on the need is what is challenging.  Simple backgrounds: Keeping it simple always work .It helps you to get rid of any distraction and also makes the background interesting. If you blur the background the subject appears crisp which results in an excellent shot.  Light: The use of correct light, indoor or outdoor, can create a magic by highlighting the subject and darkening the background. Natural shadows with light can make a unique backdrop.  Parks, bea

  • Pixioo photography Wedding photography tips for amateurs.

    Pixioo photography of Singapore is a highly sought after for their wedding photographs as they have all necessary artistry in this area. They make you and your loved ones look their best on this special day of yours. With wedding photography, as a client, you want someone who gives you images you simply love and adore. To choose right photographer is something you really need to work on. You need to look from composition to emotion. And this is where the excellence of Pixioo photography,, lies. True professional photographers know very well where to land up during the event and when .They are always aware of the perfect gaze and look and most important is perfect emotion. This is what, as an amateur photographer, you also should excel in. Tips for the amateurs:  Wide aperture lens: Use this lens as it creates an appealing effect .Keeping the subject in focus and making the background blurred or hazy add to the impact.  Look for the venue: An early survey of the venue will definitely give you an added advantage. You will be able to use maximum of the setting.  Pose the bride: For adulatory and elegant images of the bride ,make sure that she has the correct posture(preferably s-bend)  Light patterns: The use of the light should be made judiciously as it can make or ruin all your effort. Make most use of the available lights, be it indoor or out

  • Pixioo photography Benefits of online photography tutorials

    Pixioo photograph, one of the best photographer in Singapore has established itself as a well-reputed company in the world of photography .Professionalism and friendliness is what they are applauded for. Photography is no more a mere hobby. It has become popular as a career option. The photography companies take up various assignments like wedding, engagements etc. and execute them with passion combined with professionalism. Pixioo photography reviews truly talk about the company’s belief ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ and they are a precious and adorable vestige. To attain such perfection you need have proper training in photography as it will give you the potential to click photographs of high quality. Here comes the benefit of online photography tutorials which give the photographers a fair chance to improvise their knowledge. What you need is to select the most effective course. Benefits: Online photography tutorials masters you on various and wide aspects of clicking photographs like: • Choosing the camera and other equipment: What kind of photographs do you like to click? The tutorials help you to identify your need and select the correct camera. • Basics of photography: Setting and holding the camera properly is a thing to learn. If you take up a course it will enhance your knowledge about the correct composition and framing. • Lighting and colour: Want a perf

  • Pixioo Photography - What are the essential photography equipments?

    Photography equipments do not come cheap and so it is really important that you get the most important things for taking good quality pictures. The photography equipment you choose decides the quality of your pictures. Here are some important gears that you need to click pictures like a professional photographer alike Pixioo Photography Singapore and they are: Camera This is of course, the most important thing that you need even if you don’t buy anything. Most people go for DSLR these days and there are many to choose from. Professional photographers should use DSLRs and not compact cameras. If you are learning photography you can start with compact cameras and then shift to DSLRs. DSLRs usually come with a lot of feature and allow you to take a wide range of pictures. These come with both auto-focus and manual modes and thus allow you to take professional pictures in an easier way. Research and read about various DSLRs those are available in magazines and the internet before deciding on what to buy. Lenses After having chosen the camera, you now need to choose the lens. In case of DSLRs, you need to but the lens separately. Having a good camera with a good lens is crucial for good photography and professional photography in Singapore ensures just that. The choice of lens depends on the type of photography you want to master in. For wildlife photography go for telephoto lens an

  • Pixioo photography reviews - Pointers to keep in mind while choosing the right photographer

    Choosing the right photographer is something that is not easy and more so as there are thousands of studios out there with many professional and talented photographers. Even if you look online, you will be spoilt for choices as you will come across numerous portfolios, photography blogs etc. making it all the more difficult for you to choose one. If you are looking for Singapore professional photographers, here are few tips that you can keep in mind for choosing the right one: Think of a budget You possibly cannot hire a photographer whose rates are more than you can afford. It is best to do some research before you start looking for one. You can also ask your friends and relatives if they have any past experience of dealing with professional photographers for the budget. Decide on the budget first and you can also call a few of them to know what their rates are. Type of photography Photography just like medicine and law needs specialists. A wedding photographer is different from a photographer who shoots corporate events. So, it is important that you look for one based on your requirements. This is important as this determines the equipments they use and also the experience they have in one particular type of photography. If on the other hand, if you want your photographs to be taken in a studio, then it is important that you choose a photographer who has a studio or is tied

  • Pixioo Photography - Effective Ways to Develop your Photography Skills

    “To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place... I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them”- this quote by Elliot Erwitt is true and so it is said that not everyone can become a photographer. It is an art and there is no end to learning an art form. If you thing that you have mastered the basics of taking, shooting and framing a photograph, then you can consider the following tips from some of the best Singapore photographers in order to make stunning photographs. Do not look for subjects rather learn to see This is exactly what has been mentioned in the quote. Most photographers try to locate subjects for their pictures. A good photographer can make anything his or her subject. The power of observation is crucial for being a good photographer. You can look for colors or look for colorless (black n white) things; you can look for rhythm and repetition or look for something that is isolated from the things surrounding it. No matter what it is, try to create a different world altogether with your thoughts and lenses. Keep your photos simple Simple photos always look the better. Get close to your subject and fine-tune the composition by using your zoon lens and feet. Get rid of anything that alters the way you are planning to take a picture. Shoot film Most people these days use DSLR but shooting with films can also help you to learn photography better. Both have their set of advantages and disadvantages and it is better that you use both. For shooting events, it best to hire professionals as you still need to reach there. Read Pixioo reviews and know why they are your best choice for shooting any events in Singapore.

  • Pixioo Photography - How to take candid wedding photographs?

    Weddings are full of priceless moments and though most photographers these days take formal shots, there is something really special about those candid photographs. However, it is not easy to take candid shots these days and people are more camera savvy as compared to the people of the past. Almost everyone has a smartphone and they are always clicking themselves or the other people around and so getting candid shots are not easy. Here are few helpful tips from some of the photographers of the best wedding photography services Singapore to make that task easier for you. Be Ready- Always! This is the most important tip that you need to keep in mind and that is be ready with your camera always. The camera should be present in your hand and you should be ready with to click all the times. Ensure that your shutter speed, IOS and aperture is properly set for the event and also keep extra SD cards ready in your pocket. Make use of the right equipment Having a DSLR is of course necessary; however, having a small camera is also useful when taking candid wedding shots. There are few mirrorless cameras available and these are the best choices you have as far as smaller cameras are considered. Longer lens are better Candid shots are easier to taken when you are standing right in front of the people. So, it is best to have longer lens as these allow taking the pictures from a distance. It also ensures that people don’t ‘pose’ for your camera and you actually take candid pictures of the event. Take flash free pictures Taking flash pictures are the best easiest way of telling the people that you are taking pictures. Look for other ways to allow light in your image like opening up the aperture. Hire the services of Pixioo Photography for candid wedding photos of the most special day in your life.

  • Pixioo Photography: Top 5 tips to get the best from Event Photography

    Photos are the best to capture those special moments in your life and keep them alive for ever. You just have one chance to capture the glory of an event before it is gone forever. It is really important that you choose the right event photographer in Singapore and make sure that that they are well-prepared for the event. Here are some useful tops to get the best from event photography: Smartphones or Photographers Most smartphones these days have cameras of superb quality and with various photo editing app, astounding effects can be achieved on the photos your click. But can you rely on the audience for capturing all the special moments of the event you have planned on their phones. It is always better to hire the services of professional photographers like Pixioo Photography as they ensure that all the key moments of your event is captured and they are worth your every single penny. It is appreciable for guests in the events to take pictures and also share them in the social media but snapshots are not enough. The quality of pictures taken by professional photographers is amazing and they ensure that you get the most out of them. Experience matters Amateur photographers might charge you less but experience matters in this case. If your budget is tight, then hire someone even if it is half the day. Check references and portfolio A good photographer is always in demand and if you still have not come across someone like that, then look for references. Check the portfolio of the photographer you are considering to work with. Ask for their previous work samples and ask whether they have covered events similar to yours. Venue Knowledge This is something that is mostly overlooked but is really important. Make sure that the photographer visits the place before the event date. Ask for quotation Give as much information to the photographer as possible and then ask for the quotation like what all do you expect, how you want to use the photographs later etc.