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  • Look Ma, no OS! Unikernels and their applications

    An introduction to unikernels and the various ecosystems surrounding them. A presentation for Strange Loop 2015.

  • Dynamic routing to your PaaS with NGINX

    This is a brief overview of how we use NGINX + Consul-Template to dynamically route traffic to our Dockerized platform.

  • Version 1 - Look ma, no OS! Deploying an Erlang/OTP application as a LING unikernel in EC2

    This presentation is for the Denver Erlang / Elixir meetup and includes an introduction to unikernels, rump kernels, and anykernels as well as a demo of how to deploy an Erlang application to EC2 as a unikernel using the LING toolchain.

  • Introduction to Docker Swarm

    An introduction to Docker Swarm for the Docker Denver meetup on 01/26/15