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  • Inclusion in the Tech Industry (Temple U)

    What is Inclusion? What is diversity? What is the state of inclusive hiring in the tech industry, and where are things headed?

  • Jenkins: Advanced Pipelining and Bitbucket/S3 Integrations

    Why you should be pulling all of your pipeline scripts from Bitbucket? How can you make your scripts easily reusable in multiple environments and for multiple projects? Integrating S3 uploads and downloads into your pipelines How can parameterization and script chaining add to the utility of your Jenkins jobs?

  • Inclusion in the Tech Industry (LEARN, original)

    What is Inclusion? What is diversity? What is the state of inclusive hiring in the tech industry, and where are things headed?

  • CSS/Bootstrap Can Do That? Really?

    When you need alternate row colors in a table*, do you use different CSS classes for each row or just one class? When you need an incrementing counter crossing multiple div's do you "junk it out" with PHP? When you need a simple, standard icon on a button do you include an image from your site or do you use the Bootstrap component? Have you even used Bootstrap for more than just its responsive grid and visible/hidden classes? And what about that whole flexbox thing? Let's explore some of the lesser known areas of CSS and Bootstrap, and discuss how they can and should make our lives easier as PHP developers. Topics include: CSS "better" practices, Interesting stuff CSS does, Bootstrap is more than just grids and hiding things, My favorite Bootstrap components, Revisiting Flexbox

  • Mobilegeddon, Responsiveness, and You

    Recently you may have heard about Mobilegeddon, something dreaded and mysterious coming out of Google. In this presentation you'll learn what Mobilegeddon was and how the concept of website responsiveness drove it. You'll also learn the answer to the following questions: What is responsiveness? How does a site become responsive? Why are so many sites not responsive? Why does Google care so much about responsiveness? And finally, why should you, me, and all of us care about responsiveness?

  • How Exactly Do Web Pages Work?

    You use the web everyday - maybe every hour - on your mobile/tablet/laptop/desktop. Web browsing has become as basic as reading and writing for most people. But do you have a true understanding of the basic operations that underpin the web? Come take a look under the hood of web broswing to get a glimpse of "how the sausage is made" so to speak. We will trace the rendering of a web page from start (when you type in a URL) to finish (when you receive the finished page in your browser), and we will touch on the definitions of all the technologies involved in this process: HTTP, HTTPS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and more!