• You Can Sit With Us

    You Can Sit With Us session with Igore Minar

  • Angular Interoperability

    This talk is all about Angular and Web Component interoperability. See repo for more details: https://github.com/manekinekko/webapp-exercise/tree/angular2

  • Demystifying AOT compilation in Angular

    The introduction of NgModule was a huge news for the Angular community. This new API is supposed to help the AOT compilation by providing the compilation context and generate a much lighter application bundle. Let's see how does AOT work...

  • AMA

    Ask me anything

  • Angular + Observables = ❤

    A 20 minutes introduction to RxJS and its use in the Angular world.

  • Introducing Angular

    This is an overview od the new concepts of Angular2.

  • angular/universal

    tl;dr: The universal project allows Angular (2+) apps to run everywhere (client, server, rasp...). It's both perfect for Web applications or IoT applications.

  • Material Design Slide Template

    A simple (and empty) slides with some Material Design colors.

  • Getting Started With Angular 2

    These slides are part of a workshop on getting started with Angular2 given by Wassim Chegham (@manekinekko). Here is the related project: https://github.com/manekinekko/angular2-codelab/

  • Etat de l'Art des Technologies Web

    Etat de l'Art des Technologies Web en 2015. La version anglaise est ici (http://slides.com/wassimchegham/the-state-of-art-of-web-technologies#/)

  • The Stat of Art of Web Technologies

    The stat of art of web technologies in 2015. Here is the french version (http://slides.com/wassimchegham/etat-de-l-art-des-technologies-web#/)

  • JavaScript is dead...

    These slides introduce some of the upcoming features of ECMAscript 6 — aka Harmony.

  • AngularJS at 60fps

    Une présentation sur les performances des applications SPA en générales et AngularJS en particulier. Cette conférence a été présentée lors du BreizhCamp 2014, par Vincent Obloblinsky et moi même. Voici les sources des slides ainsi que les demos présentées : https://github.com/vogloblinsky/angularjsat60fps

  • Yeoman Generators

    Cette présentation intitulée "YO! Génère moi un Générateur" a été donnée lors du BreizhCamp 2014. Voici les sources de l'application développée pour la démo : https://github.com/manekinekko/generator-breizhcamp