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  • FaaS: function-as-a-service: for "pragmatic" developers...

    FaaS: function-as-a-service: for "pragmatic" developers...

  • Building the Devoxx Chatbot

  • Hey Google! Help Me Build An Assistant.

  • Hey Google! Help Me Build An Assistant

    GDE summit

  • using software to improve lives

  • Ok Google! I'm Feeling Lucky...

    Ever wanted to build a chatbot? What if you could use a voice assistant to manage your agenda for the conference? Know if there are any presentations on Machine Learning, or Docker, or your favorite programming language? Find out more about a speaker...etc. In this session, we will look at how to build our own voice assistant, using Google Cloud's natural speech and voice recognition APIs with DialogFlow services, and Google Cloud Functions to implement necessary business logic.

  • You Can Sit With Us

    You Can Sit With Us session with Igore Minar

  • Angular Interoperability

    This talk is all about Angular and Web Component interoperability. See repo for more details:

  • Demystifying AOT compilation in Angular

    The introduction of NgModule was a huge news for the Angular community. This new API is supposed to help the AOT compilation by providing the compilation context and generate a much lighter application bundle. Let's see how does AOT work...

  • AMA

    Ask me anything

  • Angular: Let's get reactive

    A high-level introduction to Observables and its use in the Angular world with RxJs.

  • Introducing Angular

    This is an overview od the new concepts of Angular2.

  • Angular outside the browser

    tl;dr: The universal project allows Angular (2+) apps to run everywhere (client, server, rasp...). It's both perfect for Web applications or IoT applications.

  • Material Design Slide Template

    A simple (and empty) slides with some Material Design colors.

  • Getting Started With Angular 2

    These slides are part of a workshop on getting started with Angular2 given by Wassim Chegham (@manekinekko). Here is the related project:

  • Etat de l'Art des Technologies Web

    Etat de l'Art des Technologies Web en 2015. La version anglaise est ici (

  • The Stat of Art of Web Technologies

    The stat of art of web technologies in 2015. Here is the french version (

  • JavaScript is dead...

    These slides introduce some of the upcoming features of ECMAscript 6 — aka Harmony.

  • AngularJS at 60fps

    Une présentation sur les performances des applications SPA en générales et AngularJS en particulier. Cette conférence a été présentée lors du BreizhCamp 2014, par Vincent Obloblinsky et moi même. Voici les sources des slides ainsi que les demos présentées :

  • Yeoman Generators

    Cette présentation intitulée "YO! Génère moi un Générateur" a été donnée lors du BreizhCamp 2014. Voici les sources de l'application développée pour la démo :