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  • Protect web with Identity Aware Proxy

    Using IAP with web app to manage authentication and authorization to access

  • DevOps Maturity Assessment

    Assess DevOps Maturity on a team

  • Data Pipelines

    some DevOps ideas about Data Pipelines

  • gcp deployments at ON

    OS Images + GCloud Deployment Manager + Ansible + Jenkins for cloud deployments at ON

  • Kubernetes and gitflow

    git flow for kubernetes deployments

  • Jobs on Kubernetes

    Deploying jobs app on Kubernetes

  • Microservices in Scala

    Microservices. Scala + Finagle + Finch + Circe. Docker. Kubernetes. Istio + Linkerd. Zipkin

  • Ruby On Rails

    my talks for IronHack mentoring week

  • Pull Requests: Quality + Speed

    some thoughts about the Pull Request process and how to achieve for Speed and Quality at them

  • B2C to B2B

  • SEO Landing Pages

    a ruby gem to manage your SEO landing pages in Rails easily

  • Dockerize your rails app

    How to run your rails app on Docker

  • VHS a ruby gem for stubbing every API call in tests

    VHS is a ruby gem that records every API calls in your tests, then it replays them every time you run your tests.

  • Xing meets Robots

    We've wired our Jenkins builds to call endpoints on a sinatra app to report the builds outcomes. The sinatra server is running on a Raspberry Pi, the RPi then commands an Arduino over USB to blink, fire office alarms and play Star Trek epic sounds (well, not that all) when a build is red!

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