DevOps Maturity Assessment

DevOps Adoption

  • people
  • processes
  • technology


  • trainings
  • certifications

Vision: k8s rancher cowboys on aws


  • presence of agile practices
  • communication mechanisms
  • collaboration tools
  • knowledge sharing platforms
  • customer feedback mechanisms



  • deployment patterns = CI/CD

  • monitoring and alerts

  • configuration management tools, IaC

  • automation = ops, tech processes

  • quality controls = test, security, best practices guidelines

  • collaborative tooling


  • right at the core of DevOps
  • mediates the "wall of confusion" at the intersection of Dev and Ops
  • everybody loves it :-)

Monitoring and Alerts

  • share info about how systems and apps are running
  • get everyone to a common understanding (vital for making improvements)
  • configurable (define, manage, and share) by the team operating the service
  • self-service monitoring and alerting is a countermeasure to Dev and Ops working in silos
  • help on ownership and accountability

Monitoring and Alerts


  • key system metrics such as latency, response time, error rate, resource utilization and more.

  • business objectives (!) derived from system metrics e.g. measuring response time as a proxy for customer satisfaction

  • on-demand access to real business metrics e.g. time on site, app opens, customer sign-ups, revenue rates

  • observability through log semantics

Config management tool

  • enables teams (devs, ops, secs) to contribute changes to system and app configs
  • makes operability and security a shared responsibility across teams
  • propels automation!

Tech Processes

  • Source code control
  • Merge Requests
  • Deployments
  • Rollbacks
  • Databases migrations
  • Operations
  • Incident Handling
  • Post Mortems

How to act

  • Prepare Maturity Matrix
  • Assess maturity of people, process and tech
  • Outcome = documentation, inventory apps and services, backlogs and roadmaps, dashboards (?)
  • Establish and share baseline measurements for system, customer, and business metrics at the outset, e.g. deployment frequency, MTTR, MTBF
  • Share work practices and processes early



CAMS = Culture, Automation, Measurement, Sharing

thanks :-)

DevOps Maturity Assessment

By Joaquin Rivera Padron

DevOps Maturity Assessment

Assess DevOps Maturity on a team

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