Heavy on features, light on complexity

Slides is incredibly easy to use but the platform is also packed with functionality that we think you'll love. Let us tell you about some of our favorite features.

  • Always With You

    Your presentations live in the cloud and can be accessed from any device. Present or edit from your computer, phone or tablet.

  • Smart Tools for Presenting

    Live stream your slides directly to your audience. Use your phone as a Remote Control to navigate your slides and see speaker notes.

  • Live Annotation

    Guide your audience through presentations with freehand annotation. Drawings broadcast to your audience in realtime. Learn more.

  • Auto-Animate

    Create stunning animations with ease thanks to Auto-Animate. Check out an example to learn more.

  • Interactivity

    Add a whole new level of depth to your slides with click, tap and hover interactions. Learn more and see examples.

  • Syntax Highlighted Code

    Show syntax highlighted code directly within your slides using the Code Block. Supports multiple languages and styles.

  • Slides AI

    Tap into the power of AI to elevate your writing, generate slides and more. Learn more.

  • Share Publicly

    Sharing a presentation is as easy as sharing a link. Public presentations can be commented on and liked. Explore public presentations.

  • Share Privately

    Create any number of named private links to your decks, track if they have been opened and revoke access at any time.

  • Password Protection

    Set a password that viewers will need to enter in order to view your presentation.

  • Embed

    Your presentations can be embedded on other pages. Pro users can also export to HTML and host the presentation themselves.

  • Analytics

    Learn how your content is performing and where traffic is coming from with our Google Analytics integration.


  • Media Library

    All media that you upload is available in your personal media library. Team members also have access to a shared library.

  • Slide Templates

    Save any slide as a template for easy reuse. Teams have access to a shared library of slide templates.

  • Iframe

    Include content from other services like YouTube, Vimeo and Google Maps. Embedded content is interactive right within the presentation.

  • Vertical Slides

    Add optional slides below your main content. These vertical slides can easily be stepped through or skipped when presenting.

  • Search Unsplash & GIPHY

    Select freely from hundreds of thousands of high quality GIFs and photos to use in your presentation.

  • SVG

    Upload and insert SVG images in your presentation. This is an excellent way to ensure your content looks crisp no matter the display size. View example.

  • AI Copywriter

    Use our AI copywriter assistant to help you write better content and save time.

  • AI Slide Generator

    Low on inspiration? Give you AI-powered slide generator a topic and it will provide you with a full presentation outline in no time.

  • Video

    Upload and play videos in your slides. We automatically convert the video to a standard format to ensure it can play anywhere.

  • Freehand Drawing

    Add a personal touch to your slides with pressure sensitive freehand drawings. Great for annotation and highlights. View example.

  • Forking

    Public presentations on Slides can be forked, meaning you can use other people's layout and design as templates for your content.

  • Style Presets

    There's a wide variety of themes and transitions to pick from to make sure things look and move the way you want them.

  • Typekit & Google Fonts

    Use custom fonts from Typekit, Google Fonts or your own host.

  • Animations

    Control how and when each individual element on your slide appears.

  • Fragments

    Break a slide into multiple "fragments" to reveal it step-by-step. Control how each step animates.

  • Custom CSS

    Use the CSS editor to completely customize your presentation. Previews in real-time for a seamless experience.

  • Edit HTML

    Decks are stored as HTML documents, so you can always edit the markup and customize to your needs.

  • Math Formulas

    Easily display beautifully rendered math formulas inside of your presentations. View example.

  • Revision History

    Made a mistake? No problem. We automatically store a history of your saved changes so that you can roll back anytime.

  • Import from PDF/PPT

    Point us to a PDF/PPT file and we'll import it to the Slides editor, from there you can easily share and present it to anyone.

  • Import from Markdown

    Turn your Markdown into a beautiful slide deck in minutes. Previews in realtime. Try it for free, no account required.

  • Kiosk Mode / Autoplay

    Easily auto-play and loop any presentation using the Kiosk Mode. Automatically reloads the latest content if the deck is edited.

  • Flexible Resolution

    Full control over the resolution of your presentation. Pick from 16:9, 4:3, portrait, or enter a custom size.

  • Layout Grid

    The editor grid makes it easy to keep your designs balanced and aligned.

  • Drag to Select

    Click + drag to select multiple content blocks and use multi-select layout options to position them.

  • Context Menu

    Right-click any content block to reveal a list of contextual options.

  • Bulk-Editing

    Work faster by selecting and configuring multiple content blocks at once.

  • Locked Slides

    You can lock your slides to prevent accidental edits. Locked slides can only be unlocked the presentation owner.

  • Locked Content

    Content blocks can be locked to prevent accidental edits.

  • Grouped Content

    Multiple blocks can be grouped for easier editing. Groups can be nested.

  • Shuffle Slides

    Turn on the "Shuffle Slides" option to randomize the order of slides each time a deck loads.

  • RTL Support

    Enable the RTL mode to author a presentation in a language that is written right-to-left.

  • Tables

    Easily show tabular data using the Table content block.

Presenting & Sharing

  • Present Live

    Broadcast your presentations to an audience of any size. Viewers can follow along in real-time from any device, anywhere in the world.

  • Live Cursor

    Show your cursor and clicks to all viewers in real-time. Think of it like a digital laser pointer.

  • Live Edits

    Edits made to your deck during a live presentation are immediately visible to all viewers.

  • Scroll Mode

    Tired of pagination? Any presentation on Slides can be viewed or shared as a scrollable page. Try a demo.

  • Speaker Notes

    Write speaker notes for your slides to make sure the presentation stays on point.

  • Speaker View

    A dedicated view for the presenter. Includes your notes, a preview of the upcoming slide as well as the elapsed and current time.

  • Private Decks

    Your presentations are private by default. You can choose to publish them at anytime to share publicly.

  • Sharing Your Notes

    Speaker notes are private by default, but you can opt-in to showing them next to your slides to give viewers more context.

  • Remote Control

    Presentations can be remote controlled from any touch-enabled mobile device. Tap your phone and see the presentation update on the big screen.

  • Present Offline

    We understand the need to work offline so we provide an easy-to-use method for exporting your presentations.

  • PDF Export

    Export any presentation to PDF at the click of a button. Great for printing.

  • Dropbox

    Automatically sync your work on Slides to Dropbox so that you have an offline copy, and backup, of your most recent changes wherever you go.

  • Hidden Slides

    Slides can be hidden from view. Hidden slides remain visible while editing, allowing you to quickly turn slides on or off depending on who you're presenting to.

  • Auto-Expiring Links

    Private links that you share to your presentations can be set to automatically expire for added security.

Teams & Enterprise

  • Custom Domain

    Your team exists on a subdomain like acme.slides.com. This subdomain doesn't have any Slides branding.

  • Team Homepage

    Browse and search for presentations created by your team members on the homepage.

  • Collaborate

    With Collaborate on Slides it's incredibly easy to invite others to edit your presentations. Comments are made on the active slide so that context is always tracked.

  • Theme Editor

    Create any number of custom presentation themes that the whole team has access to. Select a default for all new presentations.

  • Shared Media Library

    Upload and organize a shared library of logos, images, videos and other assets. No more searching for the right content to use.

  • Shared Slide templates

    Admins can save slide templates that all members have easy access to when inserting a new slide.

  • Copy Each Other's Decks

    Team members can easily copy each other's decks. This is great for sharing presentation templates.

  • Analytics

    Team admins can use our Google Analytics integration to learn where traffic is coming and how presentations are viewed.

  • SSO using Google Apps

    Let your team members join the Team at their own convenience without any sending individual invites. Learn more.

  • Locked Slide Designs

    Team admins can lock slides to prevent other members from editing them. This ensures your template designs are never tampered with.

  • Team Member Management

    Easily invite new members, deactivate existing accounts or change member roles from the team members page.

  • Unified Billing

    Pay for the number of members you add. Easily deactivate accounts to cut down costs.


  • Developer Mode

    If you know some HTML and CSS you can enable the editor's developer mode to gain access to advanced features. Read more.

  • Define API

    We have an API for creating prefilled presentations. Read the docs.

  • Open Source

    Presentations on Slides are powered by the reveal.js HTML presentation framework. Exported presentations can be self-hosted and customized down to the last line of JS.