Slides is incredibly easy to use but the platform is also packed with functionality that we think you'll love. Let us tell you about some of our favorite features.

  • Online

    The Slides editor is available right in your browser. All of your work is stored securely on our servers, accessible wherever you are.

  • Mobile

    Presentations can be viewed in any modern browser, including mobile phones and tablets. Touch devices are presented with a touch-optimized presentation.

  • Private Decks

    Your presentations are private which means you're the only one who can see them. You can choose to publish your work which makes it available to everyone.

  • Present Offline

    We understand the need to work offline so we provide an easy-to-use method for exporting your presentations.

  • Remote Control

    Presentations can be remote controlled from any touch-enabled mobile device. Tap your phone and see the presentation update on the big screen.

  • Present Live

    Broadcast your presentations to an audience of any size. Viewers can follow along in real-time from any device, anywhere in the world.

  • For Teams

    Slides for teams streamlines the presentation workflow in your organization. Includes your own subdomain, custom branding and shared themes, slide templates and media assets.

  • Collaborate

    With Collaborate on Slides it's incredibly easy to invite others to edit your presentations. Comments are made on the active slide so that context is always tracked.

  • Analytics

    Learn how your content is performing and where traffic is coming from with our Google Analytics integration. Team admins have access to centralized data for the whole team.

  • Media Library

    All media that you upload is available in your personal media library. Team members also have access to a shared library.

  • SVG

    Upload and insert SVG graphics in your presentation. This is an excellent way to ensure your graphics look crisp no matter the display size.

  • Share

    You can embed your decks anywhere you'd like. If you're a Pro user, you can also share secret links to your private decks.

  • Forking

    Presentations can be forked. This means that you can use other people's designs and layouts as templates for your own work.

  • Dropbox

    Automatically sync your work on Slides to Dropbox so that you have an offline copy, and backup, of your most recent changes wherever you go.

  • Revision History

    Made a mistake? No problem. We automatically store a history of your saved changes so that you can roll back anytime.

  • With Style

    There's a wide variety of themes and transitions to pick from to make sure things look and move the way you want them.

  • Custom CSS

    Use the custom CSS editor to define your own theme. Changes made are previewed in real-time for a seamless experience.

  • HTML

    Decks are stored as HTML documents, so you can always edit the markup and customize to your needs.

  • Math Formulas

    Easily display beautifully rendered math formulas inside of your presentations. View example.