Put your best foot forward

Slides enables your organization to create and deliver better presentations:

  • Stay on-brand with reusable themes, templates and assets
  • Presentations are always up to date
  • Don’t reinvent the wheel. Colleagues can reuse each other’s work as a starting point
  • Share links and not attachments
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Your very own slides

Your team lives on its own subdomain where Slides branding is replaced with your own. This is your team’s go-to location for all of their presentation needs.


Share the work

Your team has access to an internal library of slide templates and media assets, right within the Slides editor. No more time wasted looking for the right logo or video asset.

Plus, when adding a new slide members can browse and pick from their co-workers decks!

Customize everything

The Theme Editor lets you create fully customized presentation themes for your team. Changes made to an existing theme automatically apply to all existing decks.

It’s never been easier for your team to stay on brand.

Your own building blocks

Extend the Slides editor by creating your own content blocks, or “snippets” like we call them.

Grows with your team

Add or remove members from your team at any time as your needs change. Billing is based on the number of members, so you’re only paying for what you’re using.

Single sign-on with Google Apps can easily be enabled for your team. We also provide other SSO implementations, like SAML, for larger organizations.

Illustration by Pablo Stanley

Stop guessing, start measuring

Enable the Google Analytics integration to learn which presentations that are performing well and which audience they are hitting home with.

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Slides is used daily by small studios of two all the way up to enterprise organizations with 10,000 members. Join today and try it out risk free.

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