• Scroll Mode

    Introducing Scroll Mode: a new way to view slide decks as scrollable web pages. Works for all your existing decks with no edits needed.

  • Slides AI

    Introducing Slides AI, an innovative tool that will streamline the way you create presentations. Powered by OpenAI GPT.

  • Live Annotation

    Now you can annotate your slides using freehand drawing! All of your annotations are streamed in realtime to your audience.

  • Presentation Templates

    Introducing Presentation Templates! Pick from a variety of beautiful templates to start from when creating presentations.

  • Freehand Drawing

    Now you can add a personal touch to your slides with freehand drawing! Use it to highlight content, draw illustrations and much more.

  • Blur & Shadow

    Now you can add blur and drop-shadow filters to your content blocks.

  • Code Block 2.5: Scrollable Highlights

    We've made our built-in code highlighting even better by automatically scrolling step-by-step highlights into view.

  • Auto-Animate Code

    We've added support for incredibly smooth animations between code blocks. See it in action in this deck!

  • Auto-Animate

    Introducing Auto-Animate: an all new way to create stunning animations in Slides! Learn all about it and view some examples in this deck. (Currently in public beta—let us know if you have any feedback.)

  • Slides for Developers

    Slides is a presentation platform for developers built on top of the reveal.js open source HTML presentation framework. We offer a wide range of developer-focused features like step-by-step code highlighting, a CSS editor, LaTeX typesetting and more.

  • Groups

    Announcing support for groups in the Slides editor! Check out the details and learn about some useful shortcuts in this deck.

  • Code Block 2.0: Line Numbers & Highlights

    The Code content block has been updated to add support for line numbers, line highlights and word wrap. All in all a much more powerful way to share code with your audience!

  • Slide Settings

    The new Slide Settings interface lets you override presentation settings like transition and auto-slide duration for a specific slide.

  • Interactivity

    Now you can use interactivity to add a new level of depth to your slides. Learn how in this deck!

  • Fragments 2.0

    Fragments allow you to reveal a slide in multiple steps. We have redesigned the fragments interface to make them more powerful than ever and even easier to use.

  • Slides x GIPHY

    Now you can search for GIFs right within the Slides editor thanks to the new GIPHY integration!

  • Image search with GIPHY & Unsplash

    Now you can easily find and insert high quality still images and animated GIFs. Made possible thanks to GIPHY and Unsplash!

  • Organize your decks!

    Decks on your profile page can now be tagged. This is a great way to add structure to your profile page, making it easier and faster to browse. All tags have unique links so you can easily share them with your audience too.

  • Video 📹 📼 ✨

    Learn how you can add videos to your presentations.

  • Pro Tip: Iframe Backgrounds

    Learn how you can embed content from other websites behind your slides.

  • Rotation

    Elements in the editor can now be rotated. Just grab a corner and drag!

  • Custom Fonts

    Now you can easily use custom fonts from Typekit or Google Fonts for your presentation. Learn all about it in this deck!

  • Embed Maps, Videos and More

    Learn about how you can embed content from third party services like Google Maps and Vimeo directly inside of your presentations.

  • Collaborate on Slides

    Since our launch, Slides has been an amazing place to create, share, and live present presentations. Today, we’re excited to publicly unveil the top-most requested feature on Slides: shared editing of presentations, what we’re calling Collaborate.

  • Fragment Styles

    Learn how to use our new fragment styles to show or hide content.

  • Directional Lines

    Learn how to draw directional lines and arrows in your slides.

  • Slide Numbers

    We've made it possible to show the number of the current slide on top of a presentation. This deck will show you how it's used.

  • Share Slide Notes

    Now you can share slide notes with everyone who views your deck! This is a great way to add context to your slides.

  • Tables

    We've made it possible to add tables to presentations. Tables are flexible and easy to configure through interface options. Learn more in this walkthrough.

  • Make Better Presentations

    Learn how Slides can help you make better presentations. This is a broad overview of the functionality and workflow improvements that we offer to make both individuals and teams more productive.

  • SVG Support

    It's now possible to upload and insert SVG images in your presentations. Learn more in this deck.

  • Animated GIFs

    Did you know you can include animated GIFs in your decks? We'll automatically start them from the beginning when their slide appears.

  • The Developer Mode

    Know some HTML and CSS? We've added developer friendly features that give you even greater control over your content.

  • Math Formulas

    Thanks to the new Math block it is now possible to display math formulas directly inside of your presentations.

  • Homepage Demo

    This is a demo presentation that is embedded on the slides.com home page.

  • Introducing the New Slides Editor (Beta)

    The new Slides editor is now available in public beta. It's a big departure from the old editor and we're very excited to share it with you. To try it out simply sign in and create a new presentation.

  • Overpass

    We've added a new type set based on Red Hat's Overpass font.

  • New Background Transitions

    Demo of new background transitions that are available through the style panel of the Slides editor.

  • Autoplay

    A demonstration of the Slides autoplay feature which allows you to make any presentation step through content automatically.

  • PDF Export

    This deck will briefly guide you through the new Pro feature: PDF exports. All Pro users are now able to generate a PDF version of their decks at the click of a button.

  • New Feature: Background Images

    You can now add background images to individual slides. This presentation will give you a brief look at how that works.

  • Welcome to Slides

    We're happy to announce the launch of Slides. This deck will give you a brief walkthrough of the product.