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  • WAAPI and WebComponents

    A talk about Web Animations API, Web Components and StencilJS

  • React Hooks

    About React Hooks

  • Artifactory vs GitLab repos

    Using npm of Artifactory to publish new versions of a modular app, for every module instead of pointing to GitLab repositories with the tag/hash commit directly

  • HTML/CSS 3

    Made for CodeYourFuture

  • Bit

  • UIWidgets, Flutter with C# & Unity

    UIWidgets is an awesome Unity Editor plugin to create cross-platforms Apps inspired by Flutter, using C# instead of Dart.

  • Bots & Azure

  • Mobile First Apps Web y Nativas

  • My Bot!

    My first Multi-Language Bot!

  • Bot Framework

    A presentation about Azure Bot Service and Bot Framework

  • Native Mobile Apps

    Native Mobile Apps with React Native and NativeScript

  • Mobile First Apps

  • Real time games!

  • Unity Rest Client

  • Leaderboard

  • Bases de Datos

  • Express

  • Servicios REST

  • Node.js

  • Azure y el Internet de las cosas

  • Playing with Promises


  • Phaser

  • Big Data Scientist

  • Aprendiendo Ruby

  • JavaScript Course

  • Construct 2

  • HTML5

  • Desarrollo de Juegos y Animaciones 2D para Web y Móviles con Phaser Framework

  • Apps móviles

  • Modelo de Desarrollo de Equipos

  • Juegos en Javascript