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  • Tech Recruiting: Notes from the Field (2016)

    Just some visual front matter for open discussions. See the full talk here:

  • PyOhio 2015 Lightning Talk

    streamparse & pykafka

  • Getting & Filling (Tech) Jobs

    Encourage a more human approach to getting & filling (tech) jobs.

  • Scalability: Sometimes You Have to Scale Down

    Our disk IO has been trending upward for months. It has hit the point where our application is crashing during peak load. We need to do something, and we need to do it fast. Increase resources? Add more nodes? Hurry! This was our situation, with an application built on Python and PostgreSQL. To find the answer, we had to ask the right question. In the end, we scaled down our load with a one-line configuration change. I'll tell our story.

  • Lazy Pandas

    An experiment in lazily loading data into a Python pandas v0.12.0 DataFrame.