How much can I share with five minutes?

PyOhio 2015
Lightning Talk

Ron DuPlain

I like to make bread.

Charlottesville, VA

We have a great tech community! Pop: ~45k. Metro: ~200k.

COS Integration Grant

Write code for open science! Get $.

Looking for a great job?

My advice in 5 points or less:
  1. Be curious.
  2. Focus on your objective, not your experience.
  3. Show that you are working toward your objective.
  4. Talk to people like you do at PyOhio.
  5. Take one step at a time (write shorter resume/covers).

Contact me to talk about your career:

Charlottesville, VA




How to take PyOhio home?

  1. Encourage lightning talks / in your meetups.
  2. Creating a new meetup? Sign up for for $0.
  • Create a meetup on
  • Get to the credit card page. Stop now.
  • Sales will contact you for a 6 month trial.
  • Post an idea to get together on your meetup page.
  • When people show up to discuss, ask who has a venue.
    (Anyone can ask their employer if office is available.) 

  • Python version usage?

    PyOhio 2015 Lightning Talk

    By Ron DuPlain

    PyOhio 2015 Lightning Talk

    streamparse & pykafka

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