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  • Angular In Large Scale Projects

  • lighthouse-audits

    Lighthouse is an automated tool for improving the quality of web pages. It provides audits for performance, accessibility, progressive webapps, SEO, etc. and provide guidance to how to improve it. This Docker container uses Lighthouse to audit your frontend performance. There are several ways to incorporate Lighthouse. Among those ways, we picked the solution to allow the teams create their own custom tests performance tests.

  • Working parents

  • Migrating from Monolith to Microfrontends

    Recently, seller dashboards, which used to be a monolith, decomposed into microfrontends defined by a business domain concept. We experimented on different ways of microfrontend techniques and picked one. Since each application can run independently on their own minimal setup, this gave the teams great flexibility, autonomy and yet improved the ownership of the individuals. Despite some drawbacks, such as UX consistency, performance issues, etc. this technique definitely proved itself within In this case study, you will hear our gains from using microfrontends.

  • http2 and module bundlers

  • mikro-frontend

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