• Chainable BEM Modifiers

    BEVM and in particular 'chainable modifiers' are an extension to a popular CSS syntax (BEM) and provide us with the ability to quickly and concisely configure a module in HTML. webuild.envato.com/blog/chainable-bem-modifiers/

  • The ins and out of being a Delivery Lead

    The ins and out of being a Delivery Lead at Envato

  • Styleguide Driven Development - MelbCSS

    Styleguide Driven Development (SDD) is a practice that encourages the separation of UX, Design & Frontend from Backend concerns. This is achieved by developing the UI separately in a styleguide.

  • Managing Colour Variables

    Sass colour variables and functions can be very powerful tools in your CSS arsenal, but if they are not managed correctly they can easily lose their charm.

  • Making the Envato Marketplaces Responsive

  • Techniques for¬†mobile and responsive¬†cross-browser testing