All decks
  • Traditionally Serverless

    For traditional application engineers with a few years under their belt, technology trends like Serverless come and go. It’s hard to get excited if you’ve already lost time and energy to a trend that never got adopted. This talk will go over common arguments and open a path to Serverless Adoption.

  • Serverless ETLs Three Ways

    ETLs are a staple in application development and data engineering, and AWS offers multiple solutions depending on your need. In this session, you walk through a developer experience evolving an ETL with changing customer requirements. Beginning with a bare-bones, single Lambda function, the experience grows into a more sophisticated single-read ETL solution, and finally an upgrade to Amazon Athena for a more intuitive batch solution that doesn’t destroy your source with use. Each solution is serverless but inherently different in design and intent, and you’ll learn the advantages and failings of each.