• Dorothy

    a dotfile ecosystem: https://github.com/bevry/dorothy

  • Bevry Chapters

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  • JavaScript can do WHAT?!

  • How to be a vegan

    Some tips and tricks I've learnt on my journey before, during, and post-vegan.

  • Open-Source Life

    This is the road Benjamin took, it may not be the best, but it has valuable learnings.

  • Web RTC & Web Components

    WebRTC & Web Components, a match made in heaven – Workshop / Benjamin Lupton & Damon Oehlman Damon and Ben are both some of the most active node.js module publishers in Australia. Damon's spent the past 6 months working on RTC.io a library of javascript components to make WebRTC easy to implement. Benjamin's spent the last 6 months working on InterConnect, an open-source mashup of (IRC, Swiggle, Skype, Google Hangouts and GitHub Profiles), which is built using Web Components and RTC.io. Together, RTC.io and InterConnect's web components will make building skype as easy as building a web form. We will introduce everyone into the technologies of WebRTC and Web Components, the technical details of them, the problems they're trying to solve, and the technical challenges and complexities which RTC.io and InterConnect's components hide away. The workshop will get people hands on with the tech, building their own skypes, adding their own features, etc, and actually working with the tech, actually building something that video calls to each other!

  • DocPad's Ecosystem

  • DocPad 2.5 Years In

  • DocPad GUI Prototype

    Prototyping the DocPad GUI