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  • Managing Drupal using Composer

  • Github Actions

  • CMS Workflows with Gridsome

  • Writing Drush 9 commands

    The slides portion of how to write Drush commands

  • Drupal and the SDLC

    Where we talk about the SDLC and how you can think about it with Drupal

  • Dealing with Webhooks

    Where we talk about what webhooks are, and how we deal with them

  • Drupal Lightning

    How an upgrade from Drupal 8.3 to 8.5 took over 20 hours. And became a deep dive into understanding composer.json and all your dependencies

  • Simple Testing Drupal with Behat

  • Introducing Laravel!

  • A journey into DevOps and Drupal

  • Drupal 8 Configuration

  • Drupal 8 Entities

  • Packer

  • Learning D8 with @font-your-face

    Font Your Face

  • LADrupal How-To: Forms