• |Why good open science must be inclusive

  • Introduction to open science

    Presentation given to new students on the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaing Graduate Program

  • GitHub for collaborative documentation

  • Why good open science must be inclusive - Berlin Oxford Summer School on Open Research 2020

  • Open Data and Collaboration in Action

    Talk given in Our Networks Workshop

  • WIN Open Neuroimaging Project (Wellcome Reproducibility)

    Overview of the WIN Open Neuroimaging Project and the application of Mozilla Open Leadership principles in building the Open WIN Community.

  • Good open science must be inclusive

  • Analytic Flexibility in MRI

  • transparency and reproducibility in therapeutic development

  • Multi-echo fmri

  • MyReprodJourney

  • OHBM-OSR-HackathonFeedback-2019