• Stacks on stacks in React Native • React Europe 2019

    Modals are a piece of UI that is extensively used in both native and Web environments. During this talk, we'll be covering a new way to deal with them in React Native. Animations, stacking, displaying from anywhere in the app: everything is possible now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGtsYDtPezY

  • Declarative data fetching in React (Extended) • React.js Paris #29

    This talk is a longer version of the lightning talk I gave at ReactEurope. During this meetup, the goal was to go down the rabbit hole (not too much tho) and try to figure out the best way to fetch data in React.

  • Declarative data fetching in React • React Europe 2018

    Data fetching is probably the core element of every app. Being able to exchange data between you and your end user is vital for any company. Through this talk, let's how you can really easily communicate with your server in React. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1ZLrdTHkNY

  • (Not a) technical talk • ReasonConf 2018

    Usually, when we talk about software development we focus on performances, stability, speed, etc. During this impromptu talk I gave at ReasonConf 2018, I wanted to take a step back and ask 3 questions about subjects that also have a huge impact on the way we work as developers, and more importantly: as human beings.

  • Introduction to ReasonML (2)

    Sequel of the 1st "Bug Wars: The REason Awakens" when we get more up close and personal with this new syntax| Talk given at @ReasonMLParis.

  • Introduction to ReasonML

    Discover what's that new "ReasonML" thing, why it has been created and how it can improve your workflow | Talk given at @ReasonMLParis.